Hermit Rule


1 Fully appreciating our littleness before God and our physical limitations, we strive to do all things in the presence of the LORD, no matter how small or insignificant our actions may seem. We believe it is through each of these intentional acts that we bring glory to God and assist in the salvation of souls, including our own. We further believe that in this way, we “pray without ceasing”, according to the Gospel injunctions.  

2 – We unite all the sufferings and troubles that come from our physical challenges and disabilities to the Passion of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and offer them, through our blessed Mother Mary, that they may become a perfect offering to God for the healing of all God’s children and the sufferings of our World.

3 – Each morning we offer ourselves to God to use as He would like, according to His Will and purpose for our Souls, even if we know that it will mean we must stay in bed and endure our pains and sufferings in silence.

4 – We are ever mindful that this Earth is not our true home and that, one day, our present troubles will vanish like a puff of smoke in our Lord’s own time. Knowing this, we keep our minds present and attentive to doing God’s Will, and our sight fixed upon the Lord. In this way, we rest in the hope that no matter what we face, God will always do one of two things: give us the strength to endure, or the way to escape.

5- Union with the Heart of Christ Jesus is our continual prayer. Sometimes we remind ourselves of this holy union by the Invocation of the Holy Name repeated inwardly from the heart. At other times, a simple contemplative glance at the Lord in silence restores the serenity of our Souls. This prayer of Union is the food of all our meditation, oration, and our contemplation.

6 – We further unite ourselves evermore closely with Jesus by praying the Rosary of our Lady spiritually together each week, on a selected day, offering each of our singular intentions as a whole, while adding our own. 

7. Every Monday, each of us endeavor to share our lives, via e-mail communications, with the other members of our devoted Community, according to our ability. We do this so as to grow in our love and understanding of each other, and to support each other in Faith, there-by fostering the deepening of our Spiritual Friendships.

8 – We offer Praise and Thanks to God throughout each day for every Blessing and Grace that has been bestowed upon us, for Family and Friends, for our Safety, for having a Home and enough Food to eat. And most especially for our Faith in God and Salvation in Christ Jesus, our LORD. “Rejoice Always!”