Our Spirituality adopts the Monastic way of life, the Eremetical way.  We strive to follow a path of silence within our heart.  We strive to better attune ourselves to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  We dedicate ourselves to reading the Scriptures, the Fathers and Mothers of the Church, and the Lives of the Saints.  We strive to practice simplicity of life in a way that will open others to desire God and to guide their life in the way of love and mercy.  We join in the Church, as much as we can to pray daily the Liturgy of the Hours.  This is one of the oldest traditions of the monastic life since the 5th century.  We receive the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist once a week from our parish Eucharistic ministers.  We pray regularly for the living and deceased members of our families and loved ones,the needs of our personal parishes, and the Church throughout the world, indeed all of God’s children.  We devote our day to our Blessed Mother who is also central to our spirituality for all redemption began through our Lady’s “fiat”, Her “yes”. It is through Her our offerings can be presented more purified to our Heavenly Father for the good of all.

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