The Purpose of Pain

The Purpose of Pain


by: Bro. Mark
I want to share with you a mystery many seek to understand. You may ask how is it that I have come to understand this mystery? I am not someone who is high up on the “spiritual guru” ladder. In fact, I am one of the lowest members. I don’t have a monastery to take care of. I am in no way a Saint. All I have to give is my prayers and the offering of my suffering while I lay on this bed, confined to being one who is “home-bound” because of my physical disability. But as I settled into my new reality, I succumbed to the truth that I can no longer participate in an active ministry. I use to be a certified hospital chaplain in my hay day. I learned a great deal when I turned to the spiritual life, a contemplative lifestyle. I learned what is needed most in this world is a spirit, a heart, completely focused on Christ Jesus and to share the love that pours from His Sacred Heart. We are to focus on that which is eternal. This life we now live goes by in the blink of an eye. Patiently bear all the hardships for Christ Jesus, because the suffering we endure does have true meaning and true purpose. You see, the mystery I learned, is that our sufferings have meaning, purpose. Suffering creates an energy. We can know this through our own experiences with suffering. We find ourselves really tired when we have pain. This is because an energy is released in our body when we experience this pain. We sleep a lot, we feel irritated, we are sometimes unpleasant to be around when we are in pain. This is the energy I speak of. This is the energy that Christ Jesus takes from us when we freely give it to Him. He then transforms this energy into a healing balm. The Holy Spirit then uses this transformed balm wherever the Spirit sees the most need. Now remember, Christ Jesus, died for All people, so that this healing balm can go anywhere in the world the Holy Spirit deems appropriate. This is the mysterious treasure that gives us great hope. The cross each of us carries every day can be carried with pride, with love, with faith, with the hope that one day we will see all the wonderful things the Holy Spirit was able to accomplish, because we said yes to Christ Jesus and offered what we had to Him, which is our sufferings. St. Paul tells us we are partakers in the divine nature through baptism and co-heirs with Christ Jesus. (Rom. 8:17) We are also Co-creators with Him. In 1Col. 1:24, St. Paul states, “Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and in my flesh I am filling up what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ on behalf of His body, the Church.” We participate in the redemption of our world and we participate in the healing of a new creation. We do this by carrying our own personal cross. In three of the Gospels, Jesus tells us to “take up your cross and follow Me. (Matt 16:24; Mark 8:34; & Luke 9:23) This is powerful stuff. Some will laugh at it, some will mock it, some will reject it. What I ask is to be open to what Christ Jesus teaches us regarding our personal suffering, to the cross and to what St. Paul teaches us about how we are called by Christ to share in establishing a new creation. Suffering does produce energy. We experience it at a human-body level. Therefore, if this energy can produce negative effects on us and within us, why is it not possible for Christ Jesus to transform this power into something profitable? A healing balm that soothes and re-creates the world. This mystery brings the cross into the forefront of our lives, bringing with it the virtue of hope. Hope provides the strength to embrace our personal pain and continue to walk the path in front of us knowing through faith that Christ Jesus does walk To sum up this message I am sharing with you is that the cross truly has meaning. Our crosses produce the energy that God needs to bring an everlasting healing and the introduction to a new creation. We are participate in this process. And finally, this is a tremendous gift to the world in which we live. Embrace this gift with your whole heart and continue to keep your eyes on the prize which is eternal salvation in the heavenly kingdom where “all tears will be wiped away and death shall be no more.”(Rev. 21:4)

Have a most blessed day!

Your brother in Christ Jesus,


Hermits of the Holy Cross

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When does an Ideal become an Idol?                                                                                                                

QUESTION:  Do our Words defend our Myths or convey our Reality?

I am fast approaching my 65th birthday.  The mental processes of the aging mind shift somewhat, as do the perspectives and over-all viewpoints regarding the many questions of life and the manner in which one might still contribute to the healing of our World.

For myself, I have been blessed to have been invited to a Christian Monastic Benedictine Spiritual Path and to share in its Practices and Traditions.  Over many years of doing so, I have come to realize that even a worthy ideal, such as the Path proposes, can easily become an idol if one allows it to degenerate into a routine one comfortably settles into, rather than a living and dynamic Path of Spiritual Transformation.

The life of a Monastic requires a very moment-to-moment commitment, if it is to bare fruit.  Decisions need to be made daily about what constitutes distraction from that life of prayer, with all that it entails.  It becomes obvious that a Path lived from the mind alone cannot insure longevity and perseverance.  The spiritual heart itself must also embrace the choice to be a person of prayer, if the will is to feed off of that ground of being where God can be found, and not off its own imagined holiness.

Today – I look at my core value system:  Not what I believe in my head to be true about myself, but what I am actually living; actually putting into practice.

In Christ,

T of HHC

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ord-stsEver since I was a child growing up in my particular Catholic Religious climate, spiritual role models called, “Saints” were always held up before my eyes as God’s especially chosen ones that I should strive to be like (but could only emulate, after all) in every way I could.  And I truly did try.  But I also believed they were created different somehow from a regular human being.  I had understood, as children often do, that the secret of their spirituality was in their hearing of supernatural voices and their seeing of other-worldly visions.  Or in their being willing to be beheaded or tortured without complaint or care, if it was God’s will for them. Even into adult-hood, I carried some of these exaggerations and misunderstandings.  It definitely colored my perception in favor of the extraordinary.

I wonder now how much joy in the daily and ordinary moments of life I missed because of such imaginings as I had stored away in my unconscious for so many years?  How many Angels and Saints of the Ordinary were in my midst every day that I never acknowledged or thanked God for?  And how many are, even now?!

I realize now, of course, that in Heaven, there is and can Only be Saints.  Maybe not Officially Canonized, but still Saints.  Whether their purgation and purification was (or is) here below or was (or will be) in the afterlife, our Religion tells us that no one enters Heaven unless they are purified and made holy by God first.  ie: Sanctified. ie: made Saints!

Therefore, as Christians, the Good News of our Faith tells us all that we are already triumphant, by the mercy and grace of God. And that through the blood and merits of our Lord, Jesus the Christ, we will All one day be Saints.

So, Today, I embrace those of my Faith and all others on this Path with me, whether in my immediate circle of family and friends, or my extended family of friends all over the Country and beyond.  And I acknowledge each of you, in the very Daily and Ordinary circumstances of your lives – in your illness, in your struggles, in your anxieties and fears, in your lonely hours, in your simple joys, in your wonder and awe of God’s many daily little ordinary miracles that often go unwitnessed if not for your precious eyes, and in your great Faith – and I ask God to allow you to glimpse, even now,  in a moment of grace, the glorious dwelling that He is preparing for You and for all His Saints…Amen!!

Blessings from a Disciple of Jesus and Hermit of The Holy Cross

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Embracing A Mystical Life

Embracing A Mystical Life

by: bro.Mark

The ancient Christian Masters of Spirituality are the go to if you desire the deepest understanding of the mystical life. I.e. mysticism; contemplation; meditation. The way in which the master’s prayed and developed an intimate relationship with Christ Jesus. They modeled perfectly how the mystery can be experienced, loved and lived. One of the greatest Saints and Doctors of the Church was St. Theresa of Avila. She is proclaimed one of the greatest teachers and doctors of mysticism, speaking in the light of revelation, for the edification of all the faithful. She is a wonderful fountain and wealth of mystical knowledge. The beauty of learning from her is due to the fact that she is so down to earth. The Way of Perfection and the Interior Castle are two of her all time best sellers. Both are a delightful read, bringing the loftiness of Heaven to earth. Developing your spiritual life can seem scary, but when you see it in the light of relationship it becomes more embracing. When you are willing to enter into the mystery, the contemplative life unveils immeasurable possibilities for union with the infinite. The God of all creation invites us into this intimate relationship and it is up to us to say yes, just as our Blessed Mother said yes, to the mystery of the Incarnation. The masters of the mystical way are at our finger tips, are there for us, invite to grow in the most profound relationship of love. The mystical life answers why we are here on earth, answers the ultimate question as to why we were born into this world, which is the development of our relationship with our Creator and Love. So when you take the hand of the great Mystics they will lead you to find the answers to life’s most difficult questions, if only you say yes to the invitation. Each of us has received the vocation to become a temple of God. Scripture calls it “to become temples of the Holy Spirit”, created to receive into ourself the glory of God. Humanity is the boundary between the visible and the invisible, a mediator between the Creator and creation. This vocation is found in many religions and in humanism but it is only the Son of God that unites the two. The Incarnation re-opens to humanity its creative destiny. God set us on earth to contemplate the visible world and to be initiated into the invisible world to resemble God by simple submission to the Divine will. We bear the imprint of the incomprehensible Godhead. We thirst for mysticism. Many in the West are searching in the East. We must re-discover the mystical traditions in the Christian Faith here in the West. For mysticism is an existential attitude, a way of living at a greater depth in our daily lives, uniting the Divine with the human. “Did I not call you gods” Psalm 82   Our goal as Christians in Christianity is ascesis, the Greek word for ascetics, a spiritual combat, which is far more difficult than the battles of men. The objective of this battle is to let go. To let go that we may enter into contemplation with the One who created us for just this purpose. It demands a true opening, an emptying within us that love may completely fill us. It is this love that we truly seek. We look for love in so many ways other than from the One who created us, the One who redeemed us, and the One who sustains us. This Trinity of Love patiently waits for us. The more we wait to open this door to true love the more we loose out to a true union. Athletes sacrifice all, empty themselves completely to obtain the trophy of perfection. Asceticism is a spiritual exercise in which the spirit, the soul, the body, is purified leading us into contemplation. In this contemplation our human nature becomes a glorious temple. We become a “priest” in the temple of His own body dedicated to the service of God. St. Paul teaches us that the Christian life is a daily offering of ourself in spiritual sacrifice to God. The Saints then, teach us that we are nothing without the light of Christ Jesus shinning through us. They show us what a glorious destiny we have in God. They point the way for us to become par takers of Divine Nature. As our friends, they intercede before the throne of God for us, for they have won the fight and are now in the presence of God. There lives are an example that teach us how we too can be with God eternally. May the mystical doctors of the Church inspire you to study, to meditate, to contemplate, to enter into a deep relationship with Christ Jesus and His mystical Heart of love.
Your brother in Christ,


Hermits of the Holy Cross

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Our Journey Toward Union

by Bro.Mark

There comes a time in life where we come face to face with ourselves. The majority of time is spent with running toward a goal we desire to accomplish. It could be career or a championship belt. We empty ourselves. We sacrifice most everything to achieve our goal. We reach into our very soul and muster up all our strength. We walk the road of tribulation and suffering. We reach outward to fulfill an inner calling. When we were younger we experienced an inner calling. This calling was specific to who we are. It could have been a specific calling to help humanity in some way. Perhaps it was to be an architect or an engineer to build bridges or roads. Or how about a surgeon that healed people and gave others an opportunity to fulfill their own calling in life. But even through this dimension of our journey, we still find ourself searching for an inner fulfillment, to rest in that center within our soul where the peace and union with our Creator resides. We touch that peace and union with God in bits throughout our life as we journey along. It could be so delicate of a touch it passes our understanding. We experience these touches as a burst of joyful energy. We experience it as an explosion of love within the center of our being, like a warmth throughout our body. This gift is given to each of us as we journey through life. I believe these are love touches from God. God delights in His creation. He delights in life. When we stop and take a break from the journey we quickly come face to face with ourselves. We may be afraid to face ourselves because of the decisions we may have made on the journey. But with the grace God freely offers us we have an opportunity to embrace forgiveness, mercy and compassion. We can inwardly embrace God’s healing for our inner being. We touch peace, inner joy, contentment. We touch God. Actually, God touches us. For us, who are living with a physical disability, we have the opportunity to experience the touch of God more quickly. It’s not that we are more special than anyone else, it’s just that we come face to face with our inner self more quickly. Often times we are forced to stop the movement, the journey of fulfillment and rest in the nothingness of being. We surrender to the struggle. We are offered the gift of inner healing. We experience the closeness of God. We experience the knock on the door of our soul. We learn that God does not force His way in, but instead He gently waits for our invitation to welcome Him in to rest with us. He waits for our yes. We can’t see this encounter nor hear it, but we know the encounter is authentic for we experience it’s reality. We have difficulty expressing our encounter with others, but we know it took place. We understand that God seeks to remain hidden and this intimate encounter is but a moment in time in which God reveals a Divine Union. It is a gift bestowed by God where hope begins to take root within us. A hope that all our suffering in life does have meaning. Our physical disability has purpose. We did not ask for this heavy cross. Often, we push it away and seek to overcome it. What happens when we embrace it and accept it as the center of who we are? Do we experience God in its sorrow, in its pain? Will our willingness to embrace it bring us closer to God? I believe it will. I believe we will find the answers to our questions. I believe union with God will be experienced in this life. It may be a moment of Transfiguration, but it will provide the strength for each of us to continue the difficult journey until we meet God face to face and rest in Him for all eternity.
Have a most blessed day,

Your brother in Christ Jesus,


Hermits of the Holy Cross

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Sacrificial Vessels

As Hermits of the Holy Cross, we offer ourselves as sacrificial vessels for the love of God, for the love of our salvation, Christ Jesus, for the good of His creation and the good of the human family. Yes, we are physically disabled. Our physical bodies may have their limits, but our spirits are whole and filled with the power and strength of the Holy Spirit. Some of us lay in our beds, some wheel our wheel chairs around stores, some carry oxygen tanks to breathe. We attempt to emulate the second person of the Blessed Trinity. Christ Jesus, who “tabernacled” amongst us, as a human person. We, at times, get mocked, laughed at, ridiculed, and sometimes beat up. In our ministry, we carry on with our efforts to spread peace and harmony in our world. We take whatever negative energies humanity reveals to us and we ask God to transform them with God’s redeeming grace. We don’t ask for gratitude, for the thanks is found in hearts that were once frozen now begin to melt with the love of God. We see it revealed when we witness someone help another cross a busy street. Our ministry lays hidden within our hermitages, our homes. We don’t boast of our talents. We work through the quiet reflections of Scripture, when the Rosary beads pass through our fingers and our lips quietly reciting the Hail Mary. We work as we suffer with agonizing pain and there is no escape from it. We work as we try our hardest to get a bit of exercise, walking with crutches around the house. Our ministry is a ministry of Light and Hope. “May your love be upon us Lord, as we place all our hope in You.”  

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The Cross Is Life


We will never understand the meaning of suffering completely as long as we remain on this temporal plane, until we come face to face with the One who allowed it into our lives. I don’t believe God created suffering. Christ exposed Himself to it through His free-will and His “yes”. It says in Scripture, Jesus overcame suffering and death. For Him, suffering was the enemy of the body, the mind and the spirit. Christ tried to explain where it came from. He taught us that it came from the disobedience of the human family at the beginning when man first walked on this Earth. He also taught that suffering would be with us until the end of time. Why? With Christ defeating it, it still remains on this physical plane. Those in charge of the propaganda machine instill in our mind the many ways they believe suffering can be avoided, but we all know through experience their instructions are faulty. Advertisers try to tell us we can avoid suffering if we only watch more movies especially fantasy movies. This is how Mr. Disney made his billions. There is a man from New York City who firmly believes and teaches we can avoid suffering if only we had more luxuries and more money. He has built a tower in his name, but his sadness is revealed in his eyes and the crowds follow this man as if he were a god. The travel industry is one of the wealthiest industries in the world. They tell us, suffering can be avoided if only we take more vacations. Most of us cannot afford long vacations to the Caribbean Islands. If we try, we fall short, then swim in a mountain of debt. So what becomes the answer? ‘All creation groans in silent expectation.”, states St. Paul. We all await the second coming of Christ Jesus, to be rescued from our own personal brokenness. In the meantime, where is it we can experience strength and endurance to carry on? I believe firmly and without reservation that it is through the Cross itself, our willingness to carry the Cross each day will indeed transform our world and bring the healing needed for future generations to live in peace. Christ Jesus tells us, “if we don’t accept carrying the Cross we cannot be His disciples”. This is a tremendous blow to our psyche and it shatters the false illusion that bliss can be ours if we only have the finances to purchase it. But, we know that life doesn’t work like that. The Cross follows us wherever we are. We can be on an expensive vacation and we suddenly get sick. We buy a beautiful car and somebody keys the paint job. We run 5 miles every day and the doctor tells us they found a tumor. The Cross has to be accepted if we desire salvation. Many of Christ Jesus’ followers turned away from His path after they heard these difficult words, “to be My disciple you have to pick up your Cross.” He teaches us it is only through suffering (carrying the Cross) we find life. Accepting the obstacles we find in our every day life should not make us more fearful. When we accept it we gain strength. This strength is grace. God takes the deepest enemy of all creation and transforms it into life giving grace and energy. He fills our soul with peace and an inner joy that can only come from the One who created us. So, the bottom line is, do not be afraid to pick up your Cross each day. Accept your Cross as a reality in your life. Be not afraid for Christ Jesus will be with us. Grace will be in us. Are you ready to accept this truth for your life, in your life? Are you open to a peace and inner joy that will only come by walking through the door of the Cross? Are you ready to be disciple of the Son of God?

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Growing Into Αγαπάς, An Unconditional Love

By:  Bro. Mark

img_2310One of the most inspiring stories that can be found in the New Testament is when Jesus appears to the 12 apostles on the beach that one morning after His resurrection. Jesus had made a fire on the beach and was cooking His brothers some breakfast. The apostles had been out fishing. When they arrived back on the shore they noticed it was Christ Jesus himself and were so happy to see Him again. They sat down around the fire and ate with Him. How kind of a gesture this was. How inviting and comforting. How “homey”. Not one of the apostles questioned if it was truly Jesus that was in front of them. They knew in their hearts it was the Son of God. The Risen Christ was in their midst once again, proving to them that He has conquered death once and for all. There is no need to concern ourselves anymore about life after death, Christ Jesus will be there for us with arms wide open when we depart from this world.
But what I really want to share with you is how the English translation misses a very important aspect to this New Testament story. When Jesus asked Peter, who was consecrated by Christ to be the first leader of His Church, if he loved Him, Jesus asks him three different times. In the original Greek, the language of the first New Testament, Jesus uses two different words for “love”. Jesus first asks Peter if he loves Him αγαπας. Agape The definition of this word means an unconditional love with no limitations. Pure love, the true love everyone seeks in life. A love we strive for but hardly ever achieve for it is a love so pure it is reserved for the one who created us. Peter answers Jesus, I can only love you with a φιλώ filial love This is a brotherly love. Peter is not yet ready to give Christ Jesus unconditional love. A love so on fire that he would die for Jesus if it came down to it. Eventually, Peter would be martyred, giving to Christ the ultimate sacrifice, but at this time Peter was not ready to give up his life for Christ. Peter had a mission, to lead and guide His Church. Why did Jesus ask Peter three separate times if he loved Him? Peter was asked three times to undo the three separate times he denied Him the night Christ was arrested on the Mount of Olives. Peter needed to be forgiven for denying Him.
The second time Jesus asked Peter, Peter do you love me αγαπας. Agape. Unconditionally. Peter answers Jesus I love you with a “brotherly love”. φιλώ filial once again. The third time Jesus asks Peter, “Peter, do you love me αγαπας agape unconditionally”? Peter once again answers Jesus with the word φιλώ filial. With a “brotherly” love. Peter was not yet ready to love Jesus with an unconditional love. Peter was only ready to give to Jesus a “brotherly” love. The beauty of this story that unfolds in the original text is how Christ accepted where Peter was in his life. Christ accepted Peters journey and had no intention to pressure him to love Him more at that time. Have you ever experienced this in your life? Especially, when you were young and deeply in love with another? You wanted so badly for the other to be as madly in love with you as you were with them. And when they said to you, “I just want to be friends.” That was a moment of pure heartbreak for you. You felt you had no more meaning in life anymore. You experienced in your heart a depth of love that curled your toes. How would you go on when the other did not reciprocate. The opportunity of finding pure, unconditional love had now vanished, instantly, with those six simple words, “I just want to be friends”. The gift of unconditional love would have to wait another day. You would have to begin now to learn to accept the naked truth that pure love would not yet be yours to cherish. So you went on with your life with that door of your heart open hoping one day you would be able to experience it with another. Christ Jesus knew that He would have to wait as well. But Christ Jesus is “agape” itself.  He understands how to wait for Peter’s heart to grow into His. If Christ Jesus would do this for Peter, He would wait patiently for our heart as well to grow into αγαπας agape, unconditional love. This depth of love can be reached.  Christ does patiently wait for us to grow more deeply in love with Him, but for now Christ accepts us at φιλώ filial brotherly love. Christ does not force us to love Him. He invites us into communion with Him. This is God’s greatest gift to us. The love of the most blessed Trinity in the second Person of this Blessed Trinity, Christ Jesus himself. Will we accept this invitation to enter αγαπας, agape, unconditional love, from the very One who created us? This is our ultimate journey. Will you say yes.?

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Lead Us Not… But Deliver Us… AMEN



The Lord’s Prayer – How vast and deep a spring of pure water, to ponder the words given us by our Lord Jesus in the prayer He Himself taught us to pray!  Any one of its 7 petitions provide hours of reflection for discerning souls.  I once spent months pondering just the opening acclamation; “Our Father…Who ART!”.

The other day, I became involved in a dispute with a business manager.  It did not start out as a dispute at all, but as what I thought was going to be a simple request made face-to-face with the person.  A barrel filled with flammable oil had been placed beneath my apartment living room window that could easily have been placed under the Restaurant’s own rear window.  We share a courtyard and there was plenty of room. But 3 personal requests later, the barrel still had not been moved.

Being a person with disabilities and chronic illness, and very aware that, in most scenarios, I have very little power to actually enact much of anything in my life without help, I could feel the Temptation rising up within me to try somehow to take the matter, at least This One, into my Own hands and Force him to comply, calling upon various Health or Fire Prevention Agencies that could Summons him, etc.  How very small-minded it was of me.  But yet, I suppose it was God’s way of showing me that at some level, I was still resentful of my powerless-ness because of my chronic conditions, and had not fully accepted them or surrendered them all to Him. Full Surrender can take years, as chronic pain must travel through many layers of resistance before finding its place of rest in Christ.

“Lead Us Not Into Temptation” was the portion of the Lord’s Prayer that saved me from falling further down, as I was instantly made aware of the Temptation to use this situation for my Own satisfaction, rather than to resolve it in as peaceful a manner as possible, according to God’s Will and not my own.  And, that’s when I came to actually “realize” the High Wisdom revealed in the next portion of the Prayer.

“BUT Deliver Us From Evil”.  This was The Living Word; the Power of God which delivered Grace to my soul, thereby enabling a far more honest Surrender. I was not to act on my Temptation.  How could I, after that?!  But, I was rather to Trust that God would indeed bring about the resolution most in accord with His Will.  Whether the Evil was what had been hiding within my own heart without my having been aware of it, or what was in the manager’s heart, the Trust in God was the Key, regardless.                               I did nothing further.

Within a single 24 hour day, the barrel was moved.  The Main Office of my Apartment Building apparently had phoned the manager and told him to move the barrel to his own side.  He moved it instantly.

Whenever we Pray the Lord’s Prayer, may we all be mindful to take the time to Meditate deeply upon the very High Wisdom it contains.  And to thank God for the Revelation of His Son to us, through the power of His Spirit, which lives and reigns within us and all things…AMEN.

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Hope In The Eyes of Addiction

By. b.Mark
There will be times in life in which you must concentrate on keeping yourself alive because you have had a predisposition to annihilate yourself, to destroy your self by way of addiction. This truth is difficult to accept and even more difficult to talk about with others. Friends might characterize you as being nuts and family members might become overly protective. So you bury this character flaw deeper into your psyche, becoming more and more afraid to shine light on it. You fear being rejected by family and friends. You even can’t seem to help yourself, as it becomes a dark force within taunting you mercilessly day and night. Evil is well aware of your broken character. Evil seeks to assist in your self destruction, eventually stealing your soul if it wins the battle. However, there is hope. The hope comes from no other but Heaven above. You may have questioned this truth throughout your life time, thinking it to be just a fairy tale or perhaps believe that those who attempt to live a religious or spiritual life are some how weak. When life is good and all is going well for you, thinking about God and giving your life to God often takes a back seat. You barely think of God being intimately involved in your life because everything is good so your relationship with Him becomes less relevant. But why? Why do we have this tendency to forget about God when it was God in the first place who gifted us with peace and harmony? It’s usually when we are experiencing an inner battle we call upon God to defend us and help us find our inner peace once again. God, in His infinite love for us, opens the doors once again and walks with us. What we must do is concentrate on what we truly love in life. Be it God, be it family, be it friends or perhaps a career. Focus on something that brings you hope, that fills your soul with positive energy. If you are an alcoholic or a drug user and find yourself addicted, with dark forces haunting and taunting you endlessly, then you must grab a firm hold of that power of the addiction, shine light upon it through prayer and with the grace from God freely given to you begin to break the chains that hold you. You must accept the fact that you are no longer in control of this power of addiction. It seeks your destruction. You must accept the fact that you need a higher power and you can no longer control it on your own. If you cannot come to this truth, then my friend, it will more than likely consume you. It’s that simple. There are forces in this universe that are greater than ourselves. But we, you, are smarter than these forces because you have the knowledge, the understanding, the grace to know that your higher power is the Person of Christ Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Father. The demons, they have only satan, who was an archangel when in Heaven. When man was introduced to God’s plan, he chose to serve God no longer. It was his own foolish pride and ego that brought him down. He chose to hate humanity. He turned his back on serving God and began to wage a war on God’s creation. Therefore, our fight is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities and powers around us. [Ep.6:12]. He did play an important role as an archangel, however, he remains only a creation of God. He is not a God even though some believe he is. A creation can never be the Creator of that creation. There is only one God. The Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You must give your heart to this power if you desire to live. If you have trouble bowing to a higher power, open your heart and allow the Holy Trinity to help you understand this truth and help you to accept it. Admit to yourself you do not have the strength to conquer this weakness alone. Remember, you are a creation of the Creator. You are not the Creator. You tried to conquer this addiction on your own many times and it might have worked for a little while, but those damn demons kept giving you trouble by tempting you and eventually they broke you down again and you gave in to their temptations and your own bodies tolerance to the drug. Now that you have witnessed your life slowly unraveling, you are beginning to understand you need help from a higher Being. This is okay. You are beginning to understand the universe and how life really works. Your relationship with God is unfolding into a deeper intimacy. Do not reject this invitation. Do not let yourself become dismayed. We are all in the same boat as human beings. We are all broken in some way. You are not alone. If you truly wish to survive and save your life, you must accept the fact you have an addiction. Begin to concentrate on what brings you hope and what brings you the most happiness and peace. Focus on a time in your life when you had inner peace and happiness before the addiction took over. Don’t be afraid anymore that you have this trouble in your life, humble yourself. You do have this power. It has been given to you. It’s in your heart and soul. It’s there within you like a seed ready to bloom. If you trust those who love you, then they will stand by your side and be there with you as you push through this battle with darkness. It demands a conversion of your very being and it will be a difficult process. You are growing into a new way of living while dying to old habits. There is no denying that this will be for you one, if not thee, toughest battles you have ever had to face in your life. Always remind yourself you cannot walk this road alone anymore. It does not work alone. It takes the assistance of an another. Surround yourself with positive people, those who you know you can place your trust in and can help you without judging you. Open your heart to the Son of Man, Christ Jesus, and accept the power of the Holy Spirit to get you through this darkness. This is your answer. This is your hope. There is your life now in the hands of God. Hold tightly to this hope and never let go. All the darkness you go through will be left behind if you cling tight and don’t let go. The darkness will not engulf you. You will not lose hope for it is a gift freely given to you. Faith in God will bring hope of a new resurrection and the love that surrounds you will pull you through this darkness. You must admit to yourself, in your fragile ego, that you can no longer win this battle alone. You are not equipped with the power to do so. You need this external force to guide you through. You are trying to break through to the other side of life. The side you come out alive and free. Addiction is no joke. Addiction is a life changer. It is a ball and chain and it steals your soul. It demands a higher power and that power is the Cross of Christ Jesus. Please do not be afraid to embrace the Cross. Through this Cross you will find life. My prayer for you is that you will embrace it so that you may enter into a full and healthy life once again.


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