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Many names, symbols and forms can be used as conveyances for or expressions of the Essential Truths and Intuitive Wisdom of one's personal spiritual path, or even of the one universal spiritual path all share as beings in Time and Space. With respect for all forms and names, religions and cultures, I simply present the way that was given to me for which I am deeply grateful...

When does an Ideal become an Idol?                                                                                                                

QUESTION:  Do our Words defend our Myths or convey our Reality? I am fast approaching my 65th birthday.  The mental processes of the aging mind shift somewhat, as do the perspectives and over-all viewpoints regarding the many questions of life and … Continue reading

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Ever since I was a child growing up in my particular Catholic Religious climate, spiritual role models called, “Saints” were always held up before my eyes as God’s especially chosen ones that I should strive to be like (but could only … Continue reading

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Lead Us Not… But Deliver Us… AMEN

The Lord’s Prayer – How vast and deep a spring of pure water, to ponder the words given us by our Lord Jesus in the prayer He Himself taught us to pray!  Any one of its 7 petitions provide hours … Continue reading

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The Quality of Eternal Bliss

We have probably all heard of the word, BLISS, in connection with some marvelous spiritual attainment which somehow transcends our natural state of awareness, bringing us into the realms of the great beyond.  Although I have no doubt that such … Continue reading

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Greetings, Friends of The Hermits of St. Giles – You are graciously Invited to Join us in our Regular Weekly Meditation/Prayer Sessions.  We meet Wednesday Evenings at 6 pm Eastern Time, for 20 mins. on the Facebook Group Page called, … Continue reading

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A Vocation to Embrace Suffering

A Vocation to Embrace Suffering – How can such a Calling possibly be Realized, Fully Accepted, and Lived Out by Anyone who is of Sound Mind and is in a state of basic Psychological wholeness and Emotional wellness? This is … Continue reading

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REMINDER: Meditation Session Together

Tomorrow, April 13th, at 6:30 pm Eastern Time, we will be holding another Group Meditation Prayer Session.  It will last for 20 Minutes, during which time you are Invited to Pray with us from wherever you are.  You may Pray … Continue reading

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Hermit Solidarity and Community

Chronic Illness and Pain can often cause isolation even for Hermits.  Yes we value our Solitude, but we need to know we have companions along the way, just like anyone else.  The Early Desert Fathers and Mothers also had this … Continue reading

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This Noon Meditation Session is now Over. I do hope you were able to participate with us! NEXT SESSION will be at 6pm Eastern Time Tonight.  If you wish to Meditate with us again, repeat the process of the Noon … Continue reading

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NOON Meditation Period in 5 mins…

Settle Yourselves In a Comfortable Position… no phones or interruptions for the Next 20 minutes.  This is God’s Time with You…with All of Us!!  Start the Timer at NOON…

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