For Lobito

This Saturday, Aug 14th, will be the first time we, The Hermits of The Holy Cross, will be celebrating the birth of our dear Bro. Mark without him. I wish to present our contribution to this celebration by choosing from his selection of musical tunes a piece he not only wrote and played, but even dedicated.

So, from the heart of our Founder to you All… with our gratitude to God and to you for all your prayers and support…

“Lobito, I created this music for you that each note may wash over you and fill you with peace. Thank you for your kindness and I wish you well.
Please pray for me when you have a minute. I’ll be praying for you.
Your friend,

2 thoughts on “For Lobito

    • Dear Monastic Friend, Jacques – Your comments are such that I always feel Mark’s spirit, now resting in the Lord, would wish to say either, “thank you” or “I hear you”. Where there is Love for one another, for one’s brethren and Friends, that Love is ultimately eternal and beyond all human intellectual debate. This I believe! So, I say, “Thank You”, from Bro. Mark, for commenting and I invite you to continue to do so. Yours is a welcome voice indeed!

      Theresa HHC

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