Ash Wednesday 2021 – Much has happened since the last post made by our dear Bro. Mark. In his humble way and because of his most sincere love of God, neighbor and country, his posts were always so uplifting and served to inspire whomever might read them. He never was concerned with whether or not his Blog had a tremendous following. It only mattered that his words gave hope to the suffering, Suffering he, himself, was well acquainted with.

Bro. Mark had a rare illness called Proteus Syndrome. We lost him to it a few months ago. His loss has been felt deeply; by his family and by his Lay Contemplative Community who shared his Spiritual Vision; The Hermits of The Holy Cross.

Ash Wednesday 2021 begins for me, personally, right here. Dust to Dust. BUT, “Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted”. Did I just say Ash Wednesday and Comfort in the same sentence? Surely I spoke in error. But I did not speak in error at all. People like ourselves; yourselves; who may also be chronically ill, disabled or homebound, need to understand that in suffering your conditions with Acceptance and a Desire to Serve God’s suffering world through them, You; We; already have offered to God a Lenten Sacrifice most pleasing to Him. And He WILL comfort Us!

Today, whatever our present state, let us “wash our faces and put on clean clothes” metaphorically, and not behave as the Pharisees of old who needed to be seen and pitied just to serve their pride and not God at all. Today, WE, in our hiddenness (meaning the imposed isolation of our illnesses, or disabling conditions) do not need to flaunt fake sacrifices as they did. We have only to turn to God and, with the deepest of intentions in our hearts, even if silently, ask God this very moment, to Hear our Prayer, that our suffering, henceforth, shall be for the highest good of Every Other Suffering Being in the World. If you will do this today, you will have begun your Lenten Holy Season well! And we Hermits of The Holy Cross will be praying with you and for you every day! You are not alone!

May God Bless and Comfort you in Every way,

Your servant in Christ,

Theresa – HHC

**Your Comments and Prayer Requests are always welcomed and treated most respectfully.

7 thoughts on “ASH WEDNESDAY – 2021

  1. Thank you Theresa for this beautiful post. Thank you for mentioning Mark with your wonderful words.
    Our family is grateful that The Hermits of the Holy Cross will continue to serve God and His people.
    Michelle and family

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  2. So our dear brother Mark has left us (in a way) but remains in our heart forever. May God’s reward be his only and eternal consolation. I will most certainly remember him in my coming eucharists. Thanks for letting us know of his repose, Theresa.

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    • He always enjoyed reading your Comments and Reflections on his Posts. And I know he had a high regard for your own Blog, as well…after transcribing it to English, so he could read it! 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words about our dear Bro. Mark. It will be a blessing for his loving family to know that you will continue to remember him in your upcoming Eucharists. And please remember this little Ministry he founded, small as it may be. We all share his vision and pray for God’s blessings to keep it going.

      Theresa – HHC

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