May We Share In The Divinity of Christ.. by bMark

In the Holy Liturgy at each Eucharistic celebration the priest, usually quietly, recites “by the mingling of this water and wine may we come to share in the divinity of Christ who humbles Himself to share in our humanity.” Christ Jesus, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, God made man to share in His own divinity. Christ came to us as a child. One who is so vulnerable, one who is dependent upon others to keep Him protected. Our Blessed Mother & St. Joseph were called for this, the greatest event in human history. A young girls “yes” would change the world by lifting us up into His divinity. We are reminded of this wonderful gift each Advent & Christmas Season. I’m sure this decision by Mary wasn’t taken lightly. How would She be able to tell others. They would have thought She’s lost Her mind. That somehow this Holy Spirit overshadowed Her. The punishment of adultery was stoning. She wasn’t yet married to St. Joseph. They were engaged “betrothed” at the time She was with child. She had to inform Her parents Anna and Joachim. How would they take it? They could have rejected Her too, but thank God for His grace provided to them that their hearts would be open to understanding and acceptance. Christ came to us as a child. Let us give thanks to our Blessed Mother that She said “yes” to God for all of humanity, that we may share in the divinity of Christ who humbled Himself to share in our humanity. Have a blessed Christmas. Stay safe and please think of others first. Please pray for us, the Hermits of the Holy Cross. You are all in our daily prayers. We love you. Merry Christmas!

In Christ Jesus,


3 thoughts on “May We Share In The Divinity of Christ.. by bMark

  1. A merry Christmas to you and all you the Hermits of the Holy Cross as well, Bro. Mark! Your words about sharing in the Divinity of Christ are a call to deep gratitude and eternal rejoicing.
    Much peace,
    Matt & family

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  2. Bro. Mark, your words speak simply and plainly and yet to the receptive heart, they strike the key notes that play such melodious sounds which reveal God’s greatest Mysteries!
    Thank You for your Post and for the faithful dedication to this Blog you have always shown!
    MERRY CHRISTMAS, my spiritual brother in Christ!

    Theresa – HHC


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