The Election of an American President

This week was unprecedented in ways never before experienced by the American people. The Election of a President during a period of time when our Nation was inundated and overwhelmed by unrest, unemployment, a world-wide pandemic of proportions previously never even imagined by most Americans, shortages of food and necessary supplies, fear, isolation, anger and displays of violence everywhere. Threats from other Countries interference in our election process also added to the insecurities of a large part of our population.

How many I wonder; how many ran towards God and sought God’s help believing in Faith that God would somehow get them through? How many prayed entrusting their lives, livelihoods and families to God? And how many had to offer their total heartbreak in light of the loss of a loved one to the fatal effect of Covid 19? Some may be experiencing tremendous joy today, now that the Election results have been announced. And for many who ask why their loved ones had to die because so many refused to wear masks, they might feel a kind of bitter-sweet relief in hopes that the new Administration will act more quickly and decisively now to put an end to this nightmare that has touched all of our lives in some way or other. Still for others, the loss of their preferred Candidate might be impacting their lives in entirely different ways, but through their own eyes just as painfully. I think we can all attest to the stark reality we have witnessed of the division of our own beloved Country today more than ever.

When God broke my heart open with His Grace and let my bitterness and selfishness drain out, and then filled it with His own Love, I never suspected at the time that it would change my entire egocentric way of acting and reacting. I personally can no longer see in anyone an enemy. I can no longer judge my neighbor as if I have a true understanding of who they are in God’s eyes. Instead I can feel in my soul the heartbreak when I see the harm caused by those who do not love their neighbor as God has loved them. And I can pray for them. I can feel the suffering of those on the receiving end, as well as on those who are responsible for its cause, since they have not allowed the Grace of God to enter their lives and are thusly suffering as well. And I pray for them, too. Observe, Judge not, Act with Love and Pray! This is what I offer today for all Americans who, in light of the Results of America’s choice for our next President, might be feeling the temptation to physically or verbally act against some one or side without first discerning God’s Will. Pray, Love, and do Not judge. Praise God and always be grateful for His life of Love alive within you! The true Kingdom of God IS within!


Theresa HHC

5 thoughts on “The Election of an American President

  1. Beautifully worded, Theresa!
    Thank you!!!
    May we all turn to God to receive the love He has for us all….and refrain from judgment and hate.


  2. As an outsider (Canadian), I can feel the gap more clearly between Republican and Democrat « friends » . My question remains: Why stick to this two-party system? Isn’t time to diversify the options for such a big country?

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    • It is indeed time for American changes in Government Policies, and not just this one. I believe we need younger minds with fresh ideas to run for Office. Men and Women less concerned about the politics of Politics and more concerned about the People which they serve. This, I fear, will take a long time to occur, but with God and Prayer, one day it shall be done!
      Thank you for your Comment, Moinillon! God’s Peace!

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    • Peace and Goodness Fr. I know you are a hermit already but I would like to invite you to the Hermits of the Holy Cross Rosary on Wednesday afternoon at 2:00pm PST. Seven of us get together just to pray for others. My email address is if you might be interested in praying with us. We can send you a link to our Zoom meeting. We’d love your assistance in praying with us. Love & Prayer,
      bro. Mark

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