Into the Heart of Christ by bro. Mark

It’s been five months since I have last written a blog to you. We are still contending with Covid-19 here in the United States. In other countries throughout our world, the Coronavirus is also ticking up once again. Thank God for our front line healthcare workers. They are very selfless human beings, often times being the only ones helping those struggling through the effects of this debilitating disease, many times even guiding them through the process of dying so they won’t have to die alone. The Hermits have been offering God our sufferings and lifting our prayers in intercession with you and for you. Please, continue to send us your prayer requests. We are all together on this journey to the Heart of God. “Here we have no lasting City” When I am ready to give up carrying my cross because of its weight and I’m just sick of my sufferings, I often remind myself of this fact that, “Here we have no lasting City” Heb 13:14 Keep your hearts and minds focused on the Kingdom of Heaven. Lately, through our darkness I have been meditating on the pure love that Christ Jesus has for each of us. Pure Love has His Heart wide open for us to share in it with Him. He knows we are all broken in some way but never, ever gives up on us. Our personal sufferings are our Cross and when we pick it up, carry it, and follow Him He will be “yoked” to us walking side by side with us. When we walk with Him, in the Heart of Christ, our soul/spirit will find healing and our own hearts will find an inner joy and peace that can only come from Him.

We are with you spiritually along your journey. Know you are not alone. Please pray for us. We’re all in this together.


bro. Mark Hermits of the Holy Cross

3 thoughts on “Into the Heart of Christ by bro. Mark

  1. “Here we have no lasting city” words of comfort during this difficult time. It is important to keep our eyes on the true prize… living forever with Jesus our savior!
    Thank you for your words of inspiration and hope.

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