Eve Meets Our Blessed Mother

In this beautiful image, we see Eve sad and down trodden, the serpent, the epitome of evil, is wrapped around her leg signifying the human family is still chained to the trappings of this world. As Eve clings to the apple with her right hand, her face has an expression of great sorrow. Mary, our Blessed Mother comes to Eve with a sweet smile, She raises her right hand and places it on Eve’s face to comfort her. Our Blessed Mother standing on the head of the serpent as Genesis 2:15 shows us, signifying through Her and Her Son satan has been defeated. Our Blessed Mother, through Her “yes” to becoming God’s vessel, Christ Jesus redeems the world.

Rich in symbolism, there is yet another layer of meaning that may be glimpsed through the actions of our Lady in this image. It has long been known that in the Christian mystical writings of the Saints, the actions of the left and the right hands of God are often mystical signs that point to a richness of meaning even beyond the image itself. 
As the mother of our Savior places her Right hand upon the face of Eve, could she be inferring that the power of the Right hand of God was flowing through her at that very moment, conveying to Eve a taste of the redemption of all humankind by her Son, Jesus the Christ? And that this singular grace would be made possible one day through Mary’s own personal cooperation with that grace, which would come to be known only much later as Mary’s Fiat?  
Mary then takes the left hand of Eve and places it on her belly. The left hand of God is often used in the Scriptures to signify the blessings and mercies of God. It is interesting to note that the left hand is placed upon the belly of Mary where the Christ child resides. Could it be that Eve was being given to understand, through the infused knowledge of the power of God’s left hand, the future miracle of grace that would one day even forgive her own sin, which caused the suffering of so many of God’s children until the miraculous redemption of humankind that would begin with the miracle residing in the womb of the Blessed Mother Mary?  
St. John Paul II tells us, that “our suffering is supernatural because it is rooted in the divine mystery of Redemption of the world”. Mary, our Blessed Mother comes to us Her children, bringing Eve our first mother, and us hope and to guide us to Her Son, Christ Jesus. “Suffering is also deeply human because in it we discover ourselves in our humanity, our dignity, and in our mission,” says St. John Paul. Mary reassures us that it is through Christ Jesus that we have been fully redeemed, and for us to cling to hope in these trying times. Christ Jesus and our Blessed Mother will always be right by our side when we welcome them into our life. Have a most blessed week
Written by: Theresa & Mark
Hermits of the Holy Cross

One thought on “Eve Meets Our Blessed Mother

    So much Christian art that is shared within Catholic circles today still seems to be decades old, with a style of painting (especially depictions of the saints) that often doesn’t speak to me. (A lot of the old-fashioned prayer cards fall into this category for me.) This painting/drawing of our Blessed Mother and Eve really touches me.
    Thank you for sharing it!

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