Light In The Darkness

Dear Family,

During this time of uncertainty, let’s hand our lives over to our Blessed Mother. She will keep us body and soul under the mantle of Her love. She will protect us and bring us closer to Her Son, Christ Jesus. We are all learning how to deal with this brand new reality. We are called to do everything we can to help not spread this virus around. We may not be use to being alone, especially staying distant from loved ones and good friends. We are all in this together even while practicing “social distancing”. We aren’t perfect, so please be patient with yourself and with others. Use social media to keep in touch with one another. Remember, we are not spiritually alone as well. Call upon your Guardian Angel. We sometimes don’t think of them that often, but they are with us and will never leave our side. Ask them to intercede for you. Share your troubles with them. They are Gods messengers for us. We have the Saints. They too are on our side. Let’s pray for their intercession in our lives. I personally pray for the intercession of my loved ones that have passed before us. They need our intercession as well. They can pray for us as we make our way to the Sacred Heart of Christ Jesus. I want to reiterate once again we are not alone during this difficult time. Christ Jesus tells us “not to be afraid. He is with us until the end of time walking beside us. Remember too, we the Hermits of the Holy Cross are here for you, praying for all of you. Please keep us in your prayers. Don’t be afraid to email us with your intercessory prayers and special intentions. You can find our email address on the About Page of this, our website. God bless you and keep you safe. We love you.

Your sisters and brother Hermits,


2 thoughts on “Light In The Darkness

  1. Thank you for this positive message of hope Brother Mark. Thank you for reminding us of who will walk with us especially during this difficult time. I personally am getting a lot of inspiration from reading about our saints. They had extremely difficult lives , but always lived hopeful lives.Thank you again Brother Mark!


  2. Bro. Mark, your words serve as such a loving reminder of the very many spiritual beings all around us, ready to intercede for us before the Throne of God at every moment. And heading that list, our beloved Holy Mother Mary.
    At these most challenging times, thank you for the spiritual refreshment of the many blessings of our Faith!

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