Complaining or Easing Another’s Burden

First Sunday of LENT: This morning as I reflected on the depth of my Faith to my commitment to offer all of my personal sufferings, physical, mental and spiritual, to God for all the sufferings souls in our world, it occurred to me to examine the WHY of my Blog Posts. Some of them may seem dark and may leave the Reader perplexed as to how to respond. Perhaps this is a good time to discuss this with all of you.

If I speak of an especially dark period of Faith I might be experiencing, it is not intended as either complaining or trying to display some false humility to elicit pity in any way. I do hope I have not conveyed such. If I have, may God forgive me. And may You forgive me.

No, what I intend in speaking so is to open my heart to the pain of whomever reads my posts. I hope that through my posts, someone may resonate with the feelings I share and find relief for their own wounded and hidden depths as they journey. It is not easy to discuss our darkness’s. Often, we think we should not feel these darkness’s if we are really spiritual. It is much easier to teach lessons about how we “should” do this or that or how we “should” behave or feel when tried in life’s most difficult and challenging ways. To me, this only serves to keep our dark places hidden from ourselves.

Mine is not a spirituality of “shoulds”. I boast of no secret way to suffer well. Mine is the way of all humanity as initiated by Christ Jesus our Lord. If I am different from anyone else, it is only in my Intention, which is of God, and not for me to credit to my own “special chosen-ness”. To offer my sufferings to God for all suffering souls is a Grace. I feel it is Only that Grace, offered and accepted, that gives any value or merit to my actions and intentions and behaviors. They have merit in so far as they are united to the sufferings of Christ Jesus, which again if they are, it is Only through Grace.

The Spirituality of Enlightened Suffering, which I believe this Path to be, is one made so by the Grace of God. “Enlightened” for me means allowing the Grace of God to pierce me ever more deeply, so that the Light of Christ can continue to burn up whatever is not of God that is found within my soul. Enlightenment does not make one a great orator unless to be so is God’s Will. No, no accolades here. Mine and I suspect my fellow hermits share the quiet enlightenment of simple Grace whose bright Light is ever shining upon our hearts, showing us the places within ourselves that still need attention while simultaneously granting us the Graces to encourage and speak out about the many blessings in our lives for which we are grateful and for which we know and acknowledge as coming from the LORD! May God be Praised!

If you see yourself in any of my or any of our posts or need prayer to get through some difficult spiritual or physical challenge in your Own lives, please write us and share your pain. To bare one another’s burdens is the Gospel message. It is not complaining. It is becoming vulnerable of heart that Grace may have a wide open place to enter into.

Blessings and God’s Peace to ALL,



About Theresa - HHC

Many names, symbols and forms can be used as conveyances for or expressions of the Essential Truths and Intuitive Wisdom of one's personal spiritual path, or even of the one universal spiritual path all share as beings in Time and Space. With respect for all forms and names, religions and cultures, I simply present the way that was given to me for which I am deeply grateful...
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