An Open Invitation by bro.Mark

The Lenten Season is an open invitation by God to grow closer to the Sacred Heart of Christ Jesus. As Jesus was thrust into the desert for 40 days and forty nights, God calls you and I to enter into the desert of our heart, seeking emptiness, allowing the Holy Spirit to dwell within us and guide us, and to learn how to place others first. The word sin has really gotten a bum wrap here in America. The word Sin in the original Greek means, “to miss the mark” I picture a bow and arrow with the target a couple hundred feet away. The aim is to shoot our arrow to hit the bullseye. The target we strive to focus on in the spiritual life is our love relationship with God. God seeks only relationship. The Father as His children, Christ Jesus as our brother, and to be the spouse of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we “miss the mark” when we stray from this relationship, settling for a more tangible limited love instead. The foundation to all our longing within our heart and soul is based in love. Unfortunately, at times this love is more limited and transient. I invite you this Lenten Season to examine your heart and see what it might be that keeps you from “hitting the mark” and cultivating your love relationship with God. The Lenten Season is a season to explore and restore. Allow this time to embrace you. It is a special time to listen for that “still small voice” the prophet Elias sought out in the desert of silence. Put aside the many distractions that keep you from hitting the mark, the Sacred Heart of Christ. It sounds impossible, but with Gods grace all things are possible. And as St. Padre Pío use to say, “Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry”, God’s door is always open. Have a very blessed Lent. If you are in need of intercessory prayer please email the Hermits of the Holy Cross with your intentions. We are here for you and we love you. Our email address can be found on our website.

Peace and Goodness,

Your brother in Christ Jesus,


4 thoughts on “An Open Invitation by bro.Mark

  1. Thankyou for the “invite.” We never really see God as inviting us into His love and especially into Lent. We tend to think of Lent as a struggle or rubric that has to been done at this time of year so we can get past the dying and rising of Easter. As you say though in your “invite”, we are being called by God to be closer to Him and purifying our souls to let the light shine more brightly within while preparing us to continue our journey into eternity. What a beautiful thought! We are all little lights carrying the Gospels and this will bring us home to God, where we belong. Thankyou and God bless!


  2. Bro. Mark – whenever you post, I am deeply blessed unto my heart. There is wisdom behind your words and a gentleness and sincerity which reveals the presence of the Spirit speaking through you.
    God bless you and God bless this Ministry you have founded!
    +Theresa 🙏✝️


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