Our Disability Our Cross

Christ Jesus calls the disabled to a very important vocation. The Heavenly Father called His own Son to be obedient even to death on a Cross. Our obedience to God our Father is to become obedient to our disability. To embrace our disability unto death and this is our death on our Cross. We can only accomplish this with the gift of grace.

Grace is our energy our power received as gift from the Blessed Trinity. We become co-heirs with Christ Jesus in the healing of humanity by our very existence in the human family. Our yes welcomes us into this spiritual family. Our disability is our Cross. Is death itself our Crucifixion, the very separation of our soul with our broken body. Is the suffering that we endure in our broken body what brings healing to our broken world. I believe it is.

Have a blessed weekend!
Your brother in Christ Jesus,
Hermits of the Holy Cross

4 thoughts on “Our Disability Our Cross

  1. The word obedience is not a word our society likes to hear. A lot of people are very “me” centered and as a result very unhappy. I believe obedience is a necessary ingredient in our allowing God to work in us. When we live for His will our life has purpose. I agree that obedience is powered under God’s grace alone. Thank you for reminding us that suffering has a purpose.
    Have a blessed day!

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  2. Disabilities, illnesses, pain and suffering are all gifts from God. When we begin to recognize this as our calling, then we can also see how important it is to serve God in this great capacity of love and endurance. Yes, He is on the front of the Cross and we are on the back, sharing with Him all He suffered for us and now we can share more with Him by suffering for others – their conversions, healings of their souls, mending their brokenness, lonliness, and much more. In this, we become one with Him for all eternity and draw others to Him also. God bless you…..


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