Enter True Joy

True joy enters when we empty our being of the superficial worldly gains we try so hard to acquire during our life time. Life is not about collecting all the glamorous toys the world offers us. “If you buy this mansion you’ll be so happy, or if you purchase this exotic car you’ll find great peace.” Watching commercials shows us how fake the world can be. So what’s the answer? True happiness is not from this world. Christ Jesus points this out to us on the Cross. Christ emptied Himself to follow His Father’s call. Why would God the Father want His only Son to be murdered? Especially so painfully? It makes no sense. Or does it? Christ took all of humanities faults and failings unto Himself in order to bring healing and forgiveness to and for our soul.

Healing takes emptying. The emptying of all that is not Eternal. And this emptying takes a carrying of our own Cross. Notice, however, that Jesus stops at “Carrying our Cross.” He never asks us to be Crucified on that Cross. Why? Why doesn’t Christ ask us to go all the way and climb on that Cross in imitation of Himself? Is it because Carrying our Cross on a daily basis is enough for Him. He also tells us that He will walk side by side with us through life. When we accept this Cross, it is the beginning of the emptying of our being. For most of us, we’re not called to extraordinary feats. We are called to the everyday. The situations in our daily life that feel like a Cross. Going the extra mile to help a loved one. Or waiting that extra hour in the car while our child is at football practice. It’s about giving up our selfishness to focus on the welfare of others. Christ Jesus emptied Himself to help others, to teach others the way, to heal others of their illnesses and disabilities. He shows us, that in Heaven, we too will be completely healed from our brokenness. Heaven is our home. “Christ Jesus emptied Himself and took the form of a slave being born in the likeness of men.” For Christ to do this for us He had to be completely empty. His eyes are completely focused on us. “I have longed to embrace you as a mother hen embraces her chicks.” So much so, He calls us His brothers and His sisters. His Father calls us His sons and His daughters. You know that feeling of inner peace and joy when you help others become better people? Many times it’s not easy to pull another up from let’s say an addiction. Many times it’s an awful mess and it really hurts your heart. That’s the Cross. That’s when you experience the weight of the Cross, the emptying of our own self to reach out to help another brings us closer to Heaven. Remember too, that as you carry the Cross, you in turn receive many graces. You receive peace and inner joy. You become closer to the loving heart of Christ Jesus and this is what remains Eternal. So my sisters, my brothers keep your eyes on your Love. Please pray for me and for the Hermits. Be assured you will be in our prayers too.

Your brother in Christ,


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