Feeling Overwhelmed

Have you ever felt yourself being overwhelmed because of the weight of your cross? You don’t want to find yourself upset with God, but gee wiz there’s only so much you can take. Sometimes you need a break from the weight. I feel this almost on a daily basis and I let God know this isn’t working for me anymore. I’m trying my best, but I keep stumbling and falling. God seems silent. Even though my heart knows He’s not. I often find myself asking for help from His Mom, Our Blessed Mother, Mary. Mom’s usually have that compassion and care we all desire. I also find myself asking all the Saints for help as well. And of course we can’t forget the angels, most especially, our Guardian  Angel. I named my Guardian Angel years ago.  I think it was 1987 when that happened. His name is Jeremiah. I chose that name because I wanted my own child to have that name. However, I never did have kids of my own mostly because it wasn’t in God’s plan for me. The reason I bring all this up is because there are many individuals in our life that are willing to help us, especially those we believe are now in Heaven.  By the way, we can even ask help from those we may believe are still in Purgatory. If you believe in Purgatory that is. Personally, I’m Roman Catholic so I believe there is a place we can go to finish up our purification if we have not done so completely while on Earth. I am now 54 years old and reflecting on how fast the years have gone by, purgatory seems like an added gift to me. Especially, when compared to eternity and what that really means. The weight of my cross doesn’t seem so heavy after I reflect on eternity and the many people I know are helping me with carrying my cross.  I invite you to reflect on who your favorite Saints are and ask them to intercede for you. They will be more than happy to assist you. They’ve made it to Heaven. Reflect on the fact you have a Guardian Angel. Name your Angel. Begin a personal relationship with them. They are there for you to assist you and protect you. Invite our Blessed Mother to comfort you. I often ask Her to keep me protected under Her mantle. She does. There have been to many times in life that I just believed I could no longer make it through, but when I seek their help the grace of God has always been there for me. I believe it will be there for you as well. And if you find yourself being overwhelmed with frustration and hopelessness, call out, God’s grace will indeed flow through you. You will experience the strength of God working in you and through you. Keep the faith, hold tight to the cross and muster through. Even though life is messy at times, God sees your heart and your intention. When we are trying our best God never asks any more from us. Please know too, that there are others with very heavy crosses all around the world. You are not alone when it comes to suffering. Just watching one hour of nightly news will reveal this to you. Be patient and know God loves you. I love you too. Let’s pray for each other as we move forward through life.Have yourself a blessed day.

Your brother in Christ Jesus,


Hermits of the Holy Cross

3 thoughts on “Feeling Overwhelmed

  1. Thank you for sharing Brother Mark! You are amazing! Thank you for helping others carry their crosses as well. Thanks also for the reminder that we have our Guardian angel and other angels to help us. Love, Michelle

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  2. Blessings, my Brother in Christ, for sharing the Word with us, and reminding us of our Divine Family already enjoying beatitude and ever so happy to be of assistance to us!


  3. Yes, you are so right, … and let’s not forget the words of St Peter: « The purpose of your trials is to prove that your faith is genuine » (1Peter 1,7). Purgatory is an important necessity but I don’t think it’s that long (according to Benedict XVI).


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