When does an Ideal become an Idol?                                                                                                                

QUESTION:  Do our Words defend our Myths or convey our Reality?

I am fast approaching my 65th birthday.  The mental processes of the aging mind shift somewhat, as do the perspectives and over-all viewpoints regarding the many questions of life and the manner in which one might still contribute to the healing of our World.

For myself, I have been blessed to have been invited to a Christian Monastic Benedictine Spiritual Path and to share in its Practices and Traditions.  Over many years of doing so, I have come to realize that even a worthy ideal, such as the Path proposes, can easily become an idol if one allows it to degenerate into a routine one comfortably settles into, rather than a living and dynamic Path of Spiritual Transformation.

The life of a Monastic requires a very moment-to-moment commitment, if it is to bare fruit.  Decisions need to be made daily about what constitutes distraction from that life of prayer, with all that it entails.  It becomes obvious that a Path lived from the mind alone cannot insure longevity and perseverance.  The spiritual heart itself must also embrace the choice to be a person of prayer, if the will is to feed off of that ground of being where God can be found, and not off its own imagined holiness.

Today – I look at my core value system:  Not what I believe in my head to be true about myself, but what I am actually living; actually putting into practice.

In Christ,

T of HHC

About Theresa - HHC

Many names, symbols and forms can be used as conveyances for or expressions of the Essential Truths and Intuitive Wisdom of one's personal spiritual path, or even of the one universal spiritual path all share as beings in Time and Space. With respect for all forms and names, religions and cultures, I simply present the way that was given to me for which I am deeply grateful...
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3 Responses to When does an Ideal become an Idol?                                                                                                                

  1. moinillon says:

    My own experience leads me to believe that, as you said, the danger lies in putting the accent on the «container» instead of the «content». The solution as you also mentioned is to live «hic and nunc» that is in the present moment in front of God. As a Christian, our vocation is not one based on knowledge but on love, and this implies faith and hope in an atmosphere of prayer. This might appear complex for some people but, in reality, it is very simple even if we have a tendency to complicate things. Thank you, brother, for sharing your thoughts on the subject.


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