ord-stsEver since I was a child growing up in my particular Catholic Religious climate, spiritual role models called, “Saints” were always held up before my eyes as God’s especially chosen ones that I should strive to be like (but could only emulate, after all) in every way I could.  And I truly did try.  But I also believed they were created different somehow from a regular human being.  I had understood, as children often do, that the secret of their spirituality was in their hearing of supernatural voices and their seeing of other-worldly visions.  Or in their being willing to be beheaded or tortured without complaint or care, if it was God’s will for them. Even into adult-hood, I carried some of these exaggerations and misunderstandings.  It definitely colored my perception in favor of the extraordinary.

I wonder now how much joy in the daily and ordinary moments of life I missed because of such imaginings as I had stored away in my unconscious for so many years?  How many Angels and Saints of the Ordinary were in my midst every day that I never acknowledged or thanked God for?  And how many are, even now?!

I realize now, of course, that in Heaven, there is and can Only be Saints.  Maybe not Officially Canonized, but still Saints.  Whether their purgation and purification was (or is) here below or was (or will be) in the afterlife, our Religion tells us that no one enters Heaven unless they are purified and made holy by God first.  ie: Sanctified. ie: made Saints!

Therefore, as Christians, the Good News of our Faith tells us all that we are already triumphant, by the mercy and grace of God. And that through the blood and merits of our Lord, Jesus the Christ, we will All one day be Saints.

So, Today, I embrace those of my Faith and all others on this Path with me, whether in my immediate circle of family and friends, or my extended family of friends all over the Country and beyond.  And I acknowledge each of you, in the very Daily and Ordinary circumstances of your lives – in your illness, in your struggles, in your anxieties and fears, in your lonely hours, in your simple joys, in your wonder and awe of God’s many daily little ordinary miracles that often go unwitnessed if not for your precious eyes, and in your great Faith – and I ask God to allow you to glimpse, even now,  in a moment of grace, the glorious dwelling that He is preparing for You and for all His Saints…Amen!!

Blessings from a Disciple of Jesus and Hermit of The Holy Cross

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