Embracing A Mystical Life

Embracing A Mystical Life

by: bro.Mark

The ancient Christian Masters of Spirituality are the go to if you desire the deepest understanding of the mystical life. I.e. mysticism; contemplation; meditation. The way in which the master’s prayed and developed an intimate relationship with Christ Jesus. They modeled perfectly how the mystery can be experienced, loved and lived. One of the greatest Saints and Doctors of the Church was St. Theresa of Avila. She is proclaimed one of the greatest teachers and doctors of mysticism, speaking in the light of revelation, for the edification of all the faithful. She is a wonderful fountain and wealth of mystical knowledge. The beauty of learning from her is due to the fact that she is so down to earth. The Way of Perfection and the Interior Castle are two of her all time best sellers. Both are a delightful read, bringing the loftiness of Heaven to earth. Developing your spiritual life can seem scary, but when you see it in the light of relationship it becomes more embracing. When you are willing to enter into the mystery, the contemplative life unveils immeasurable possibilities for union with the infinite. The God of all creation invites us into this intimate relationship and it is up to us to say yes, just as our Blessed Mother said yes, to the mystery of the Incarnation. The masters of the mystical way are at our finger tips, are there for us, invite to grow in the most profound relationship of love. The mystical life answers why we are here on earth, answers the ultimate question as to why we were born into this world, which is the development of our relationship with our Creator and Love. So when you take the hand of the great Mystics they will lead you to find the answers to life’s most difficult questions, if only you say yes to the invitation. Each of us has received the vocation to become a temple of God. Scripture calls it “to become temples of the Holy Spirit”, created to receive into ourself the glory of God. Humanity is the boundary between the visible and the invisible, a mediator between the Creator and creation. This vocation is found in many religions and in humanism but it is only the Son of God that unites the two. The Incarnation re-opens to humanity its creative destiny. God set us on earth to contemplate the visible world and to be initiated into the invisible world to resemble God by simple submission to the Divine will. We bear the imprint of the incomprehensible Godhead. We thirst for mysticism. Many in the West are searching in the East. We must re-discover the mystical traditions in the Christian Faith here in the West. For mysticism is an existential attitude, a way of living at a greater depth in our daily lives, uniting the Divine with the human. “Did I not call you gods” Psalm 82   Our goal as Christians in Christianity is ascesis, the Greek word for ascetics, a spiritual combat, which is far more difficult than the battles of men. The objective of this battle is to let go. To let go that we may enter into contemplation with the One who created us for just this purpose. It demands a true opening, an emptying within us that love may completely fill us. It is this love that we truly seek. We look for love in so many ways other than from the One who created us, the One who redeemed us, and the One who sustains us. This Trinity of Love patiently waits for us. The more we wait to open this door to true love the more we loose out to a true union. Athletes sacrifice all, empty themselves completely to obtain the trophy of perfection. Asceticism is a spiritual exercise in which the spirit, the soul, the body, is purified leading us into contemplation. In this contemplation our human nature becomes a glorious temple. We become a “priest” in the temple of His own body dedicated to the service of God. St. Paul teaches us that the Christian life is a daily offering of ourself in spiritual sacrifice to God. The Saints then, teach us that we are nothing without the light of Christ Jesus shinning through us. They show us what a glorious destiny we have in God. They point the way for us to become par takers of Divine Nature. As our friends, they intercede before the throne of God for us, for they have won the fight and are now in the presence of God. There lives are an example that teach us how we too can be with God eternally. May the mystical doctors of the Church inspire you to study, to meditate, to contemplate, to enter into a deep relationship with Christ Jesus and His mystical Heart of love.
Your brother in Christ,


Hermits of the Holy Cross

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