Hope In The Eyes of Addiction

By. b.Mark
There will be times in life in which you must concentrate on keeping yourself alive because you have had a predisposition to annihilate yourself, to destroy your self by way of addiction. This truth is difficult to accept and even more difficult to talk about with others. Friends might characterize you as being nuts and family members might become overly protective. So you bury this character flaw deeper into your psyche, becoming more and more afraid to shine light on it. You fear being rejected by family and friends. You even can’t seem to help yourself, as it becomes a dark force within taunting you mercilessly day and night. Evil is well aware of your broken character. Evil seeks to assist in your self destruction, eventually stealing your soul if it wins the battle. However, there is hope. The hope comes from no other but Heaven above. You may have questioned this truth throughout your life time, thinking it to be just a fairy tale or perhaps believe that those who attempt to live a religious or spiritual life are some how weak. When life is good and all is going well for you, thinking about God and giving your life to God often takes a back seat. You barely think of God being intimately involved in your life because everything is good so your relationship with Him becomes less relevant. But why? Why do we have this tendency to forget about God when it was God in the first place who gifted us with peace and harmony? It’s usually when we are experiencing an inner battle we call upon God to defend us and help us find our inner peace once again. God, in His infinite love for us, opens the doors once again and walks with us. What we must do is concentrate on what we truly love in life. Be it God, be it family, be it friends or perhaps a career. Focus on something that brings you hope, that fills your soul with positive energy. If you are an alcoholic or a drug user and find yourself addicted, with dark forces haunting and taunting you endlessly, then you must grab a firm hold of that power of the addiction, shine light upon it through prayer and with the grace from God freely given to you begin to break the chains that hold you. You must accept the fact that you are no longer in control of this power of addiction. It seeks your destruction. You must accept the fact that you need a higher power and you can no longer control it on your own. If you cannot come to this truth, then my friend, it will more than likely consume you. It’s that simple. There are forces in this universe that are greater than ourselves. But we, you, are smarter than these forces because you have the knowledge, the understanding, the grace to know that your higher power is the Person of Christ Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Father. The demons, they have only satan, who was an archangel when in Heaven. When man was introduced to God’s plan, he chose to serve God no longer. It was his own foolish pride and ego that brought him down. He chose to hate humanity. He turned his back on serving God and began to wage a war on God’s creation. Therefore, our fight is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities and powers around us. [Ep.6:12]. He did play an important role as an archangel, however, he remains only a creation of God. He is not a God even though some believe he is. A creation can never be the Creator of that creation. There is only one God. The Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You must give your heart to this power if you desire to live. If you have trouble bowing to a higher power, open your heart and allow the Holy Trinity to help you understand this truth and help you to accept it. Admit to yourself you do not have the strength to conquer this weakness alone. Remember, you are a creation of the Creator. You are not the Creator. You tried to conquer this addiction on your own many times and it might have worked for a little while, but those damn demons kept giving you trouble by tempting you and eventually they broke you down again and you gave in to their temptations and your own bodies tolerance to the drug. Now that you have witnessed your life slowly unraveling, you are beginning to understand you need help from a higher Being. This is okay. You are beginning to understand the universe and how life really works. Your relationship with God is unfolding into a deeper intimacy. Do not reject this invitation. Do not let yourself become dismayed. We are all in the same boat as human beings. We are all broken in some way. You are not alone. If you truly wish to survive and save your life, you must accept the fact you have an addiction. Begin to concentrate on what brings you hope and what brings you the most happiness and peace. Focus on a time in your life when you had inner peace and happiness before the addiction took over. Don’t be afraid anymore that you have this trouble in your life, humble yourself. You do have this power. It has been given to you. It’s in your heart and soul. It’s there within you like a seed ready to bloom. If you trust those who love you, then they will stand by your side and be there with you as you push through this battle with darkness. It demands a conversion of your very being and it will be a difficult process. You are growing into a new way of living while dying to old habits. There is no denying that this will be for you one, if not thee, toughest battles you have ever had to face in your life. Always remind yourself you cannot walk this road alone anymore. It does not work alone. It takes the assistance of an another. Surround yourself with positive people, those who you know you can place your trust in and can help you without judging you. Open your heart to the Son of Man, Christ Jesus, and accept the power of the Holy Spirit to get you through this darkness. This is your answer. This is your hope. There is your life now in the hands of God. Hold tightly to this hope and never let go. All the darkness you go through will be left behind if you cling tight and don’t let go. The darkness will not engulf you. You will not lose hope for it is a gift freely given to you. Faith in God will bring hope of a new resurrection and the love that surrounds you will pull you through this darkness. You must admit to yourself, in your fragile ego, that you can no longer win this battle alone. You are not equipped with the power to do so. You need this external force to guide you through. You are trying to break through to the other side of life. The side you come out alive and free. Addiction is no joke. Addiction is a life changer. It is a ball and chain and it steals your soul. It demands a higher power and that power is the Cross of Christ Jesus. Please do not be afraid to embrace the Cross. Through this Cross you will find life. My prayer for you is that you will embrace it so that you may enter into a full and healthy life once again.


One thought on “Hope In The Eyes of Addiction

  1. Bro. Mark – I pray your most inspired message may touch the very heart of someone or many someone’s most in need of the Grace offered them in this Moment of Reflection…this Invitation to God’s Fountain of Living and Healing Waters. AMEN.


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