The Quality of Eternal Bliss


Robin on window sill

We have probably all heard of the word, BLISS, in connection with some marvelous spiritual attainment which somehow transcends our natural state of awareness, bringing us into the realms of the great beyond.  Although I have no doubt that such momentary experiences are genuine, for this post, I prefer to address that state of bliss which can be known in the here and now. Even by, and maybe more especially by, people with extreme physical challenges. A Bliss of Quality, largely unknown by people blessed with good health. A Bliss found in what I call, a moment in-between…

A  moment in-between…an all night bout with pain that ceases, for some inexplicable reason, just before dawn, and just long enough to see the sun rising outside one’s window before it returns.

A moment in-between…. a sleepless night’s end, when suddenly a bird sings and the world outside falls silent, as if all sirens and traffic all over the world have stopped to listen.

A moment in-between….the waiting room and the next Test, when the doctor says he made a mistake and you’re ok and can go home.

For myself and maybe many of us with chronic disabilities and illness, Bliss is never really a matter of some long duration of time away from our illness,  but rather the Quality of those simple moments in time, when everything just stops, in the face of an eternal present, and we know from deep within the center of our being That God IS…

+Theresa  (HHC)

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