REMINDER: Meditation Session Together

thZK5Z1T15Tomorrow, April 13th, at 6:30 pm Eastern Time, we will be holding another Group Meditation Prayer Session.  It will last for 20 Minutes, during which time you are Invited to Pray with us from wherever you are.  You may Pray however you wish – Meditation, Rosary, or even just in Silence.  The Idea is to all be Praying together at that hour, sending out the most Loving and Healing Intentions to all the sick and suffering in God’s good Universe.

It is an effort in Solidarity and we hope you will be inspired to participate in it with us!

If you wish, there are Free Smartphone APPS available for Download from either your Apple or Android Stores called, Centering Prayer APPS.  These APPS have Timers on them that you can use to time your Sessions.

May God inspire your Hearts – Thank You!

About Theresa

Many names, symbols and forms can be used as conveyances for or expressions of the Essential Truths and Intuitive Wisdom of one's personal spiritual path, or even of the one universal spiritual path all share as beings in Time and Space. With respect for all forms and names, religions and cultures, I simply present the way that was given to me for which I am deeply grateful...
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