Hermit Solidarity and Community

thUCJL39FTChronic Illness and Pain can often cause isolation even for Hermits.  Yes we value our Solitude, but we need to know we have companions along the way, just like anyone else.  The Early Desert Fathers and Mothers also had this need.  They lived alone, and in seclusion, yet they had a form of communion with each other, in that they met regularly for prayer and some social time together, after which returning to their Cells was a Joy.

As a Hermit of St. Giles, I am working with the rest of the Hermits to establish a weekly shared Prayer/Meditation Session where we could all be present to each other and offer to God our Intentions as a Community.  Perhaps 20 minute Prayer Sessions once a week to start.

Whether or not You are a Hermit, if you would be interested in participating in this effort, in Solidarity with us, feel free to join us!

You can find a Meditation Timer on our Page with the Guidelines for Centering Prayer. We will be announcing a Day and Time to meet for Prayer. To join us, simply Log In on that selected day and time, and begin to pray with us by starting the Timer at the chosen Hour.

If you prefer, you may also just say a Rosary or whatever Prayers you are comfortable with, instead.  Or just remain in Silence and Solidarity with us.  The Prayer is in the Intention.

Our Intention is to Glorify God, and to offer our Sufferings for all the people in the world who live in pain and/or with chronic illness, as well as for ourselves.

Please ask the Lord to Bless this humble effort of ours and grant that it may bare its fruit according to His will.  Thank You!

Yours in Christ,

+a Disciple of Jesus (HHC)

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