thZK5Z1T15Greetings to All –  Today is the Day to Begin Again…

Although I have my infirmities and pains to contend with, nonetheless, within my heart I align myself with God for the highest good of all suffering beings.  I practice a form of Christian Meditation called, Centering Prayer.  Fr. Thomas Keating is the Trappist Monk whose Teachings I have found to be most in accord with my own spirit.  It is a Surrender Practice as opposed to an Attention Practice like that of Fr. John Main, who uses a Mantra as a focal point.  I use a Sacred Word, but not as a Mantra.  Simply as a symbol to wake me up whenever I get lost in my thoughts during Meditation. It brings me back to my Center where I can again be united with God, and consent to His hidden presence and action in my soul.

TODAY and Hereafter, at 12 Noon and again at 5Aspm Eastern Time, I will be in Meditation for 20 minutes.  If you would like to join me in this prayer for All who are suffering, simply Go To the Page provided on this Site entitled Meditation Timer and Start the Bell on the Hour.  It will signal you when the time is up. Allow yourself a few moments after your Meditation to slowly reorient yourselves to full consciousness before rising.  NOTE: One does not have to be able to Sit to meditate. If all you can do is lie down, it will still have a wondrous effect!

Though we will not be able to visibly “see” each other, the Spirit knows of the bond established and will be present among us, regardless.  As PSALM. 95 says, “If TODAY You should Hear His Voice, harden not your Hearts“.

+Blessings and Peace – Theresa    PS – for Instructions on Centering Prayer, you can find a free pdf at Prayer.pdf

About Theresa - HHC

Many names, symbols and forms can be used as conveyances for or expressions of the Essential Truths and Intuitive Wisdom of one's personal spiritual path, or even of the one universal spiritual path all share as beings in Time and Space. With respect for all forms and names, religions and cultures, I simply present the way that was given to me for which I am deeply grateful...
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