A Rule Of Life – Reflections for LENT

Greetings to All – As we enter Week 2 of LENT, I find it a good time to pause and look within, hoping to discern in just what ways I have been cooperating with the graces offered to me, thus far, this Lenten Season. As a person with many physical challenges and health concerns, A Rule of Life can sound quite intimidating.  Perhaps that word, Rule, just has too much baggage attached to it for modern ears. But, as our Desert Fathers have testified, it was never intended to sound so formal and obligatory. It was rather to be understood as a Guide; a simple Light for the Path of any sincere person seeking God.

So, just what relevance can a Rule of Life have for us today?  Well, for myself, I am participating in a free on-line e-Course discussing just that Subject.  Today’s Lesson invited all to reflect on our relationship with God through prayer.  I share it with you below. If you find it of some benefit for yourselves, as well, feel free to copy it, share it,  or comment about it.  Day by Day, I find it’s a Course that can really Grow on you!

Blessings and Peace,

+ Theresa  (Hermits of The Holy Cross)

Transcript for GrowRule @ SSJE.ORG :  FEB 20Saturday

In this phase, we’ve been exploring our relationship with God. We hope you have enjoyed it and we hope you have found something sustaining and inviting. And we’d like to invite you now to sit down and spend some time reflecting on your relationship with God in prayer, and reflecting on ways in which you can help sustain and develop and grow and deepen that relationship with God to be able to know more deeply that gift of life, which is Jesus’ promise to us. Rather like a garden, plants do need space to grow and our lives are often so incredibly busy that for many people prayer is the first thing to go when there are many other demands on our time. But if that does happen, life becomes even more stressful and difficult. So I would like to invite you to reflect on how you can give your life of prayer more space to grow and develop, and to think of particular ways and particular practices that perhaps you can adopt to enable prayer to take root more deeply in your life and that you may bear fruit to God’s glory.

– Br. Geoffrey Tristram

One thought on “A Rule Of Life – Reflections for LENT

  1. This is really wonderful and thought provoking especially this Lenten Season. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I find strength for my own spiritual journey as one who shares physical limitations and obstacles. Your words inspire me to continue on.

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