Hermit in the Snow

by: Charles
Hermits of St.Giles

I had an appointment today with the dentist to have two teeth pulled both abscessed, happy to see them go. My neighbor was to take me but canceled on account of the weather. So I called a cab and as usual they arrived at the last minute. The dentist is close only about a quarter mile from my house. The procedure went smooth. I called the cab to go home and was told they were busy and it would be at least an hour. I felt the prompting to simply walk home. As a kid I loved to talk in the woods when it was snowing. So I set off, took it slow and offered up the pain to Our Lord. If he could walk to Calvary carrying a heavy cross, beaten half to death I could get my self home. I said “The Jesus Prayer” most of the way. At about the half way point the mailman stopped and asked me what I thought I was doing and if I was crazy? I replied I was walking home from the dentist and had been crazy for some time. He could not offer me a ride as it is illegal to have a passenger and he could get into serious trouble. There are plenty of telephone poles and trees to lean on. This was the longest I have walked in some time. I got home exhausted but happy I had made it. Knowing that Our Lord can take even our most feeble efforts and make them into gold when offered through Our Blessed Mother. Tomorrow I will question the crazy part when today really takes effect. But for now I have hot tea and a fuzzy belly that needs rubbing…the cats not mine. It struck me that as we enter into Lent and cross our desert with Jesus, be it sand or snow we truly never walk alone.

May Our Lord Bless and Keep You-

All My Love-
Charles H.S.G.

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