Your Suffering Has Meaning

For all who study and teach Scripture, our encounter with the Living Word will bear fruit in the lives of countless others.

by: Bro. Mark

I have been contemplating that God actually helps others through me when I study and read Scripture in a prayerful manner. How wonderful this is. That the grace and energies that flow through us during Lectio Divina can bring that same grace and energy to help others in ways we may never know. This brings me a great deal of hope as I try to find alternative ways in my disability to minister to others. My Reading Scripture can help others. Who would of ever thought that this would or could be the case. For those of us with physical disabilities that prevent us from having an active ministry, this can be a wonderful alternative. Of course, Lectio Divina should be a part of our monastic spirituality, but now we know not only ourselves can be effected and benefit by it. Others, through the grace it produces will also be benefited. What a wonderful gift this is for us who are physically limited. It is a tremendous blessing. It seems to me, God can use any means for us to grow closer to Him and this growth spreads to our neighbors. We may never see this growth happening in the lives of our neighbors, but when we get to Heaven we will learn how much we assisted God. So, remain strong in your infirmities and your disabilities. God is with us, using us any way He can. The more we try to grow closer to God the more He can work through us. It’s all in our intentions and desires. We can be stuck in bed all day long with great limitations but still become great Saints. Our heart and desire can create such great graces and positive energies. This grace can bring others healing and strength. I can’t emphasize enough that all of us with disabilities have a purpose in life. We, too, participate in Gods creation. Our sufferings have meaning. More graces and positive energies spring to life through these sufferings. Suffering becomes the gateway to life because Christ Jesus has made it so when He hung on the Cross for all of us. There are many who try to put those of us with disabilities away in institutions and “special homes”. They try to say we have no purpose or meaning in life, but this is far from the case. The suffering that stems from our disabilities produce positive results because God has blessed it. So, please remain hopeful and know your sufferings have meaning. Your life has meaning. Don’t ever listen to those who try to put you down, or try to convince you that your life has no meaning. It surely does have meaning. Through the suffering and crucifixion of Christ Jesus, suffering now has meaning and produces graces greater than we can ever imagine. My prayer for each of us is, that we remain strong with our heads held high and carry on with growing closer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
God bless you this day. Please keep the Hermits of St. Giles in your prayers that we too will grow more and more closer to our loving Savior.
Your brother,

Nothing To Covet

By Theresa                                                                                                             Hermits of St. Giles

On New Year’s Eve, I attended an Event at my Church. There was a Grab Bag that everyone contributed to by buying a Gift worth $10 to $20, wrapping it, and then placing it in a Bag. By drawing Numbers, everyone got to pick a Gift. BUT… the catch was that whatever Gift you picked, if you didn’t like it, you could STEAL the Gift of whomever came before you. Well, needless to say, in a well to do neighborhood such as that one, the Gifts were quite nice. Yet most people who drew their Gift were Not satisfied with it and chose to Steal someone’s else’s Gift.

Long Story Short – the Gift I selected an unwrapped was a simple plastic flower, probably not worth more than $1. People thought that maybe it was a solar dancing flower that activated in Sunlight or something. Others thought maybe it glowed in the dark. But it did none of those things at all. It was just a simple, plastic flower.

So, the drawing of numbers continued. The Point was that No One, Not One Person, coveted that simple flower. No one desired to Steal it. No One saw its worth. It was meant for me…to remind me of the simplicity and humility with which to conduct my life. To act as a symbol of non-Attachment and non-Possessiveness. To live so empty of all vain pleasures that no one would envy or covet anything they saw in me personally, or in my home, or life, or even notice, unless to do so would bring glory and praise to God.

That flower is now on my Altar as a Reminder of God’s Gift to me that night.