DAY 26 – Desert Wisdom Incarnate

So, then, their solitary cells were like tents filled with divine choirs — singing Psalms, studying, fasting, praying, rejoicing in the hope of the life to come, and laboring in order to give alms and preserving love and harmony among themselves. And truly, it was like seeing a land apart, a land of piety and justice.”
— Athanasius in The Life of Saint Anthony

My Brother and Sister Hermits Everywhere – to me, This of all the Sayings validates, confirms and declares All of our callings – us who Blog and us who Read and Follow in Spirit – to be united with Christ in sufferings.  Together, we  offer daily our prayers and struggles, though in a way most hidden from the world in many respects, because of illness or limitations.  Yet, we remain in solidarity with the struggles and pains of each of our neighbors everywhere, at all times, and to the ends of the Earth, as we take our place in God’s Plan of Redemption for all humankind.  Amen…

The Blessings of the Christ be upon you All – Merry Christmas!

+a Disciple of Jesus (HHC)

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