The Tale of the Flying Hermit

The Tale of the Flying Hermit:
Written by: Charles HSG

Some days there is no need to wonder what to write about, all I have to do is leave the house.

I had booked two rides for today, one for Mass at 9am and then off to the pharmacy to pick up my monthly supply of medications. The weather has been damp and cold so last night was not a great one for sleeping. I was up and down for the night, finally at 3am I figured I should try and get some sleep as I had to be outside at 8:15am. Three turned into four and when the alarm went off I must have shut it off and went back to sleep. I shoot awake at ten of eight. No time for coffee, throw myself together and head to the road. There is a big old tree there…we are friends. That’s what I lean on while waiting for the bus. Today the bus is late…it’s 8:45 and Mass starts at 9am. The driver was not familiar with the area and had trouble with his GPS. After a few pickups and several turn a rounds he brings me to church. I tell him it’s too late just take me to the next stop. Well he can’t do that without calling in to the dispatcher. While we are waiting for that another bus pulls up behind us, that was the one who was supposed to pick me up from the church that I never got to. So I change buses. I was not yet settled in when the driver takes off and for whatever reason slams on the brakes. Everything came to a stop except for me. Remember the “Wide World of Sports” intro when the guy wipes out on the downhill, “The Agony of Defeat” I believe it was called. That was me…I flew off the seat and slide across the floor crutches and all. The driver comes running and I’m getting myself up and back to my seat, he says he must now fill out a report. I tell him lets just forget this, I know a report could get him fired. Now he is all nervous and I am in dire need of a coffee. We got to the store with no further events.

I get to the pharmacy counter and there are items missing, they will be in tomorrow. Now my patience is edging close to lunatic. I get what is ready and get my coffee, back outside I get a chance to get myself together and caffeinated. I ask myself…will all this trouble matter tomorrow? No it won’t. Then I see one of my favorite holiday persons- the Salvation Army bell ringer. I make a donation and we start chatting. Through our Lords patient work in me I have learned the best remedy for a bad day is to make someone else’s better. I asked her if she was hungry as it was getting near noon, she was and there was my cue for fixing my day. I headed back in the store and came out with hot chicken, a drink, and the biggest cookie I could find. The look on her face was the cure I needed. Praise Our Lord!
The bus to pick me up was an hour late, but I sure remembered to buckle myself in as fast as I could!

Br. Mark said one time that I had the patience of a Saint…well no I myself do not think so. I know at Compline ( A prayer of goodnight and close of the day) I must recount my day before the Lord. I now bless these days…they are my teachers. Instead of going off and using my “not nice outdoor voice” I did my best to show compassion and be calm. I’m still a rookie in this boot camp but I’m working on it. Gone are the day’s when I relied on my own skill or physical strength to carry me through. Getting angry today would have accomplished nothing and worst of all late at night when it’s quiet I would regret losing my temper. Our Lord’s mercy has spared me that.

But I still want a cookie!

Charles HSG

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