DAY 19 – Desert Wisdom

Abba Pambo also said, “The monk should wear a garment of such a kind that he could throw it out of his cell and no one would steal it from him for three days.”

To my understanding, this is a Saying that reflects a lived and genuine humility of soul.  It comes from having realized first, one’s poverty of spirit.  Not by beating one’s self up over one’s past sins, but rather by true self-knowledge, through which one comes to know one’s littleness in light of God’s greatness, and experiences the awe that such a realization inspires.  And secondly, knowing that, in spite of our littleness, or maybe because of it, God loves us infinitely!
For hermits like ourselves, whose Path is continual illness and pain,  we have access to the grace of a very daily experience of our absolute poverty before God, via the naked Faith we have received as Gift.  We accept it gratefully and express it through our dependence upon God for everything, without “feeling” consoled, but somehow still trusting that it is available to us at all times.
It is a very sublime Grace, though a very humble one.  Nothing to openly rejoice in, but nothing to threaten our vocation, either.  There is hardly an opportunity for Pride, and not much room for distractions.  Yet, we remain vigilant, knowing how easily the heart can be deceived even under conditions such as these.
Today, I acknowledge the gift of my littleness before God and thank God for loving and leading me through this maze of life lived from within the Mystery of the Cross.
Could GOD be Calling You to this hermit way of life?
+ a Disciple of Jesus (HHC)

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