DAY 1 – Advent: DESERT Wisdom

DAY 1 –

Abba Moses asked Abba Silvanus, “Can a man lay a new foundation every day?” The old man replied, “If he works hard, he can lay a new foundation at every moment.”

Last Night, inspired by the words of the Desert Fathers, I went to sleep with the intention of awakening early and saying my morning (Divine) Office with a renewed spirit of joy.  What followed instead was a sleepless night of discomfort, ill-at-ease with my medical issues that hindered “my” intention.  From that sense of disappointment, sprang forth a predetermined sense of a wasted day coming up and me with no enthusiasm yet again.

And then, I re-read this saying from Day 1 and a shift in perception occurred… yet again.  These “shifts in perception”, for me, are what I term, Miracles.  To see something anew, which then opens a window to a more clear understanding or “inner grasp of” some Truth overlooked or simply not apparent to me before its time had come to be comprehended.  To Lay a NEW Foundation at Every Moment… Suddenly, the day was  no longer lost to me.  I had This Very Next Moment, and the moment after that, to re-order my intention to be more in alignment with God’s Will.  The day wasn’t lost at all.  It was only the “my” in my intention that had become the veil that kept me from seeing the actual sleepless night itself as my offering to God, and not my own plan of what I chose to offer God, instead.  Where is the sense in offering something other than what God Himself makes plain is to be offered instead?!

And so it is that in This Very moment is contained all the fullness of God’s Will revealed to me as either a duty, a responsibility, or a seeming misfortune, sudden pain, disappointing circumstance, cancelled appointment, or even a snow storm that keeps me from some hoped for and expected visit or outing.

Today – I ask God the Grace to be  ready at every moment to lay that New foundation and simply be present to His Will, however it manifests, and to release my own plans and agendas with love, and trust that God alone knows what is best.

May God grant you Peace,

+ a Disciple of Jesus (HHC)

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