Allowing The Spirit To Soar

There was a time I heard the battle cry envigorate me to be truly devoted to life. To experience everything life has to offer even with a physical disability. I want my story to be heard. The story of my life. I want people to know who I am. That I have a voice. That I have dreams. This bed cannot stop me. This physical disability cannot stop me for my spirit is free. My spirit is eternal. I can soar with a heart energized through Christ Jesus to travel the world and touch my brothers and sisters who too find themselves confined to their beds due to their own personal disabilities yet dream like I. Through our disability the spirit can soar around the world as ambassadors of Christ Jesus to help bring forgiveness to a broken world. We can assist others by allowing them to perform the corporeal acts of mercy helping them to grow closer to God. We can assist through our disability to bring healing to those who have lost what it truly means to be a human person on this earth opening the doors of love. Through our spirit, Christ Jesus can bring sight to those who have been blinded to the needs of the other. To actually look into the eyes of our neighbor and remember we are all together in the process of God’s healing. Begin, then, each day with the intent to rest in the wounds of Christ Jesus and bring His healing and mercy to our broken world, for it is the spirit within us that is eternal despite the limitations our disabilities may bring us.
Your brother in Christ Jesus,
Hermits of St. Giles

5 thoughts on “Allowing The Spirit To Soar

  1. Hello Brother Mark!
    It’s funny you should write this post because recently I’ve been thinking about opening myself up for the Holy Spirit to dwell in me more and to let go of my will a bit more. What a challenge this is!! Thanks for the inspiring imagery!


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