Walking In The Path Of The Saints

The Saints are nothing without the light of Christ Jesus shinning through them. It is in this light they shine. They show us what a glorious destiny we too have in God. They point the way to become par takers in the Divine Nature. As our friends, they intercede for us before the throne of God. They have won the fight and are now in the presence of God. They’re lives are an example that teaches us how we too can be with God eternally. As we work to become Saints ourselves let’s use all faculties in prayer. Imagination should be quite simple serving as a needle with which to thread affections and resolution into our mind. Strive to remain in peace and tranquility that our Lord has given us. Walk firmly in the path God has placed you without looking either to the right nor to the left. This is the way of perfection. Do not let go of the hand of God as you walk this path. Place yourself in the presence of God and then remain there. To place ourself in the presence of God we must withdraw our souls from all other objects making ourself present through the action of our will and intellect. Contrary to many of our TV commercials, it is not to serve ourself that we exist, but to serve the will of our Creator. We say, we cannot see Him how can we serve Him? This is true but He can see us and He takes pleasure that we are where He has placed us. This good pleasure is all that is desirable. Mary, the sister of Martha, sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to every word that Jesus spoke. (Luke 10:39) St. Paul teaches us that the Christian life is a daily offering of ourself in spiritual sacrifice to God. When we start to realize that with or without God in our life, we still find ourself having some kind of suffering on a daily basis. Perhaps we awake with a headache, perhaps we have the flu and are forced to take a couple of days off of work that we can’t afford, or maybe we struggle with a sexual weakness and we don’t have someone we feel safe talking to about it. With or without God, we continue to struggle. Personally, I have come to the conclusion that I did not create myself. I accept God into my life. Someone larger than myself had to have created me. I have the free will to believe this so I choose to believe. When I accepted this for myself, all aspects of my life, both good and bad, now had an eternal purpose. I am still trying to understand the meaning of my suffering, but I accept that my suffering is a spiritual sacrifice to God. There is no limit now to how much I can give as a gift to help Christ Jesus heal our broken world. Living out our life we become a spiritual priest in the temple of His own body dedicated to the service of the Father. This path the Saints have paved for us we can travel. We can take their example as our own embracing in hope the glory of our risen Lord. The Saints radiate hope, strengthen our faith in the eternal love of God. My prayer is, despite how much we suffer in life, we will find meaning to the craziness of it all and find our fulfillment in the arms of Divine Light. Please pray for me and for the Hermits of St. Giles.
Your brother in Christ Jesus,
Hermits of St. Giles

2 thoughts on “Walking In The Path Of The Saints

  1. ” I am still trying to understand the meaning of my suffering, but I accept that my suffering is a spiritual sacrifice to God. ”….Poignant words Brother Mark, that resonate deeply. Thank you for sharing your reflections. Yours in Christ, M 🙂


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