A Consecrated Life

A Consecrated Life
by Theresa
Hermits of St. Giles

What makes of any life a life lived with purpose?  Is it opportunity? Education?  Is it power or money?   Perhaps in our Secular Society, it would be all of those things and more. But for a Christian, the question of purpose requires a formula of rather a different kind.  For myself, purpose came by way of a Calling. When I first privately consecrated my life to God, the formula was my initial Yes, and thereafter, Thy Will Be Done. For 25 years now, this formula has never failed to lead me ever more deeply into God and His Will for my life and purpose. There were other components to that formula that I have learned over the years; to listen for God with one’s heart, a committed practice of daily prayer, meditation on the Scriptures, service, and daily spiritual reading. There was also a great need for patience, faith, and humility in order to allow the process of unfoldment to grow. A life filled with chronic illness and pain hardly glamorizes the challenges involved. Pain often made even the simplest of moments seem utterly impossible to move beyond. But yet, one quickly comes to realize how grace alone is what sustains it.  On November 23rd, 2014 (The Feast of Christ the King), following an inspiration of the Spirit, I finally made public my personal vows to God, during a Sunday Mass celebration, with the Priest and the entire congregation as witnesses. Purpose? Oh yes. A definition of purpose? Not so much. Why a consecrated life? What good does it do the world? Who benefits? These are not questions that get answered with reason, logic or proof even after taking Consecrated Vows. But, not because there are no answers. Rather, because the answers are of a different sort; upon a different plane, if you will. A sense of inner peace, spiritual joy, intuited certainty that tells one that Truth has made of one’s heart a home; a place where God now dwells securely. These are the answers; answers that make irrelevant the former questions posed by the Intellect’s limited perspective. The rest is Silence.
God’s Peace to All,
Theresa HSG

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