Faith As Our Guide

Greetings followers, It has been quite some time since I wrote a new blog. I apologize for this. I usually wait until I feel inspired to write. However, I seem to be waiting and waiting for this little gust from the Spirit, yet it has not stopped by to visit lately. I keep wondering and wondering what I have done wrong for a visit. I started thinking about the spirituality of St. John of the Cross. The closer one gets to the Light of God the darker it gets for the individual moving towards that Light. Remember when we were young and we were told not to look at the Sun for to long because it will burn your eyes and will even lead to permanent blindness? The sun is so powerful, even millions of miles away, it will place us in a perpetual state of darkness if we are not careful. Now I am not saying God wants us to be blind the closer we get to Him, nor am I trying to say I am getting holier. What I am saying is, that the closer we get to God the more He wants us to rely on the virtue of Faith. As we begin our journey toward God He gives to us many consolations. For me, the consolation came as a warm fire right in the middle of my chest. Whenever I would start praying I would feel this warmth. Soon this warmth would always be with me no matter if I was praying or not. I grew to love this feeling like a child loves his security blanket. I knew though I could not rely on this consolation forever. I needed to be weaned from it and enter the “dark night” of Faith. I’m a really slow learner however, so I still try looking for just a tidbit of consolation to come my way instead of the darkness of Faith alone. What can I say I’m a big baby and I’m 52 years old now. So, what I am trying to say in this little letter is, we cannot always wait to receive consolations in our life. The gift of Faith is like the darkness, yet we should not be afraid to enter into it for God will be by our side guiding us through it all. I do not need the consolation to begin writing. I need to just start writing and have Faith that I will write what needs to be written. I hope this makes a bit of sense to you. As St. Padre Pio said so often, “Pray, Hope, and Don’t Worry” take the leap of Faith and follow the path your heart is leading you to and let God do the rest. I love each of you and I will continue to pray for you. Please pray for me too.
In Christ Jesus,
Bro. Mark
Hermits of St. Giles

4 thoughts on “Faith As Our Guide

  1. Beautifully written, Mark! Thanks for not “waiting” for that consolation or feeling, as your words on Faith are a great gift to me and others who may read your blog!
    Write on!


  2. Greetings – we have exchanged a few e-mails, but this is my first Blog comment. I am 62, disabled, and have lived with chronic pain and spasms for the last 30 years. Though it was not my choice to follow God in quite this way, (and I still kick and scream at times) I, too, found His early and very consoling “invitations” irresistible.
    It took a while (years) before I realized that being a “hermit” by God’s own call, is actually the best form of consolation possible for me, personally. Leaving nothing to chance or self-will, I have been given a vocation by way of a Path I didn’t choose, but can be certain of, and a purpose I must all too often accept on Faith alone, which leaves little chance for Spiritual Pride to enter in. I know if I had been given my own choice of how to serve, I would surely have found a way to be a “monk” AND keep my zillion self-centered imperfections… and probably would have added a million more by now. So, Thank You, Bro Mark, for reminding me, and us, of the importance of Faith, and the uniqueness of our call. God Bless You and Fill you for creating this association.


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