A Relationship of Love

The acceptance or rejection of Christ Jesus defines the personal history of every soul. Our Blessed Mother is our example and help building God’s kingdom here on earth. She is an example through Her life of Faith, Hope and Love in Her Son Christ Jesus. She calls us to conversion and sanctification. She points the way and is anxious as our Mother to keep us on the safe path. We are called to complete selflessness on our part, to empty the areas of our life that do not lead us to God. This is quite difficult due to the fact we have so many distractions blocking our way. These distractions may be good in themselves but we must always ask the question to ourself, “Is this action leading me closer to or further from God We are called to a radicalization of faith. Are we capable of an authentic effort to pursue holiness? Karl Rahner believes that in our century if we do not become mystics we will not be Christians at all. This means to each of us, that we are called to be on fire with love for God and there is no room for luke-warmness. Pope John Paul II calls it the “encouragement of a new ardor for holiness.” The Second Vatican Council teaches us that “radicalism of faith” is impossible without radical conversion and fulfillment of the universal call to sanctity, otherwise we will not become authentic witnesses to the Gospels. St. Theresa of Avila, in the Way of Perfection says, “When prayer resulting from the stronger action of the love of God shows signs of a close friendship with God and reaches the point that it is a relationship, a union of love – the friendship then becomes an “apostolic leaven.” Our relationship with God grows deeper and deeper while our spirit reflects outwardly towards those whom we meet each day. For faith without good works is empty. What is most important then, is what lies at the heart of our actions. That is to say, actions without self-grandization, and to live our life in dark faith, being guided on a river of hope and a heart that is given to others in God’s love.
Have yourself a most blessed day.
Hermits of St. Giles

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