If Not For Christ Jesus

Reflections from a sermon by St. Augustine
If not for Christ Jesus we would have suffered eternal death. Never freed from sinful flesh. We would have suffered eternal unhappiness. Never returned to life. We would have been lost, wandering and wandering. If not for Christ Jesus. Let us then Joyfully Celebrate the Coming of our Salvation and our Redemption. Let us celebrate this Wonderful Feast Day. Christ Jesus has brought us Eternal Day, Endless Day. He has brought us out of the Limited Day of Time. When we Glory (rejoice) let’s Glory in God, through Christ Jesus. Truth has arisen from the Earth, meaning the Earth had/has no truth but in Him. Justice looked down from Heaven. We are now Justified in Him (there is no Justice without, away from Christ Jesus). All Good Gifts are from God. Now, through the Gift of Faith we will find the Peace we have been looking for. We are continuously looking/searching for Peace within ourself, within others, within our communities, within our countries and within our world. Peace has come this Christmas Morn. Embrace Him with your Heart. Justice and Peace have now Embraced because of Christ Jesus, the Truth. We now have access to the Father’s Grace, giving us the inner strength to Stand and Boast in Hope of the Glory that comes from God Alone. Meaning, we now have access to Eternal Happiness and Eternal Joy. Justice, comes from the Creator. Glory cannot come from ourselves for we did not create ourselves, but were created by God Alone. The Angels are heard Singing “Glory in the Highest. Glory in God. Peace is Found!” Peace is now on Earth for Christ Jesus came in the Flesh this Christmas Morn. Embrace Him in your arms. Have a most Blessed Christmas!
From All of Us with the Hermits of St. Giles