A New Way of Helping

I often become frustrated when I hear of people in need, yet because of my disability I can’t physically help. Sometimes it is a friend who is going through chemotherapy or someone making daily trips for radiation or perhaps a young mother who is grieving a miscarriage. Before I became disabled I would be physically trying to make things better. I would be driving, baking, and organizing schedules. Now when I hear from that friend in distress I can only say, “I wish I could help” but in reality there is not much in our busy “make things happen” world that I can do. Even making a batch of cookies is a stretch. This is what frustrates me. So I ponder what would Christ have me do to lighten anyone’s load? Then I remember the most powerful aide available to all of us. PRAYER. Asking for Christ’s blessing is really the best “help” I can offer. He knows far better than I just what is needed. I can always pray. It doesn’t matter if I am in a wheelchair or on the couch. I can be outside enjoying Ventura’s beautiful weather or inside on a gray gloomy day. I am always connected to the best Caregiver around. So, next time a friend calls and it is out of my reach to DO something I will remember to pray. I get tremendous comfort from knowing that Christ, who is all powerful, is at work in the lives of my friends and even more so, in my life.
Stephanie McMorrow
Hermits of St. Giles