The Amazing Power of Appreciation


I recently had the opportunity to take a cruise with my family. I was very careful in my planning. I checked the airline, bus transfers and cruise accommodations to be sure that my electric wheelchair would not create a problem. Well, my planning was not adequate. The bus could not take me. (We ended up in a taxi separated from the rest of the family). When we got on board we found out that the docking station for my wheelchair had been moved 4 decks and a half a ship apart from my cabin. I was starting to get upset. Despite all my planning things were not going well.
I knew that if I wanted to enjoy this wonderful vacation I had better see things from a different perspective. Through my years of Catholic education I was always taught to look for Christ in others. With that in mind, I began to see how much everyone I came in contact with was working so hard to accommodate me. The waiters would arrange a clear path to my table. The bus drivers made an extra effort to make sure I was comfortable. On one shore excursion I even had my own tour guide that made sure my experience was a good as everyone else’s. Christ was everywhere!! And he was taking care of ME.
From the moment I left on this vacation Christ was with me. All I had to do was look for Him. And appreciate all that He was doing for me. Needless to say, I had a wonderful vacation. The power of appreciation was astonishing. It took me from being a grouchy old lady who was feeling sorry for herself to a thankful person trying to be Christ for others. Do you remember to look for Christ? It’s easy to forget, but taking the time to appreciate the goodness in your life will change everything. It did for me.
Stephanie McMorrow
Hermits of St. Giles

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