Learning To Love Yourself

As I sat down to write today I wanted to explore the sin of pride and vanity. You see, I am still very conscience of appearing disabled. It keeps me from going out and being seen. It is as if my disability make me feel lesser than others. My challenge is to always remember to see myself as God sees me. I am perfect in His eyes. I am exactly as He has made me. And, by the way, so are you!!
Recently, a dear friend of mine gave me a book titled “Disability and the Gospel”. The subtitle was “How God uses our brokenness to display His grace”. My sin of pride diminishes His work in me. It turns me away from the wonderful grace of God’s love. Seen through this perspective it is in fact, a very easy choice. Who do I think I am to refuse God’s gift of grace? I must pray to always remember that God is leading me on this life journey. My simple job is to follow him even if, according to the world’s standards, I look different or not as my prideful self would like to look. God’s gift of my weakness brings me closer to Him more than any grand gesture of strength that I could show. Do I pray for healing? YES. Do I pray for a miracle? YES. But I also send a prayer of thanksgiving, because I know that God has not forgotten me or left me behind. I am always resting in his arms (wheelchair and all).

Stephanie McMorrow

Hermits of St. Giles

4 thoughts on “Learning To Love Yourself

  1. I enjoyed reading your post “Learning To Love Yourself,” Stephanie! I could relate with your comment about “remembering to see myself as God sees me.” Even though I don’t have a physical disability, I am also plagued with concerns of “how I look” at times, even though I’m way past the age of needing to really care! I can understand how teens can be a bit self-absorbed about their looks as they discover who they are….and grow and mature into the adults that they will become….but for people like me (in my late 40s), it’s a little ridiculous to be so prideful about my looks. Our culture sure capitalizes on the “must look good” mentality, but praise be to God, who sees the REAL us!…..and LOVES US FOR WHO WE ARE!
    Thanks for posting your thoughts. I hope you’ll find peace in being “out in public” when you’re feeling well enough to venture out….and I pray that others will see what a beautiful person you are!


  2. Lovely. I love you, disability and all. I think you are an inspiration to others, a role model for your family, and a haven for your grandchildren. You are perfect.


  3. You are my real life version of St. Paul who says throughout his letters that Christ uses our imperfections to show the power, compassion and strength of God. “It is not I, but Christ who lives within me”. Your friendly smile and encouraging words, your enthusiastic happy response to the world by phone and in person give us all the gift of God. I love you so much.


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