The Spiritual Journey

monk3 I have learned through the years that the best I can do is to live by example. But who am I exemplifying?  I’m trying to exemplfy the one I love and that for me is Christ Jesus.  I first give myself to Mary at the beginning of my day. I do this because I know I will fall short trying to emulate Christ Jesus.  She basically takes my attempts and “cleans them up” so to speak before they are presented to Him.  Some may think it’s silly and that is okay.  I have experienced the world of the spirit and this gives me the most comfort and the most protection as I open myself more and more to the Holy Spirit’s transforming grace.  It is not easy for me. I want to be in control,  I want to be in control of my destination.  It takes a certain “letting go.”  It takes an “emptying.”  I ask myself what are we to let go of and what is it we are to empty from ourselves?  We are called to let go of those roads that lead us further from God, further from the teachings of the Church.  We empty our hearts from the things that we love more than God. I want to reaffirm that God wants us to enjoy all the wonders in the world.  He created all the wonders in our world.  He just wants us to keep Him first, to love Him deepest.  For me, this has not been easy for there are many things that I love so deeply.  There are many roads that I want to explore that I may learn more.  This is why I ask our Blessed Mother to help me.  She wants so much for us to get closer to Her Son, to open our hearts and be led by grace into that mystical union that the Saints speak of.  Am I ready each day to say yes to the journey?  I hope to be.  Are you ready as well to take the journey with me, a fellow sojourner along the way?  Blessings Upon You.

Hermits of St. Giles

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