Keeping Your Guard Up

With the rise of many paranormal tv shows we see the rise of profiteers as well. We see them selling their goods to ghost hunter enthusists. We see old abandoned buildings being bought to give paranormal groups the opportunity to showcase their skills finding ghosts. Mediums are also ready to show us their expertise, assisting those who have died to cross over “into the light. ” With so many records of documented scientific evidence piling up there can be no doubt that there is “something” out there. But what is it that investigators are documenting. Is it truly the souls/spirits of our loved ones who have passed on? Or is it something else? If the spirit is now free from the weight of this body and the limitations of this mind, is not the spirit then that much more knowledgable since limitation is no longer a factor? Does the spirit/soul now see beyond the veil of limitation as they enter the eternal? What is it that makes us believe we who are still stuck here can actually help those who have died get to where they need to go? Is it pride? Is it arrogance? Or is it a true belief that they can help lost souls? And isn’t it true that each paranormal investigator and each medium are working from a position of Faith. We help those who we “believe” to be stuck between this world and the next. We call out for help asking “others” to assit them in this transition because they cannot do it themselves. Are there “others” on the other side that are able to assist them? This is our belief and our hope. If there are so many of us on this side that are willing to help them, why can’t we believe that there are others on the other side of this life to do the same for them and wouldn’t they have a much broader persepective of what needs to be done to get them to where they belong. They can now see the angels, the saints, their relatives who have gone before them. Would not any of these individuals try to assist their loved ones? This is our Faith. Yet we still live with limitation and a lack of insight into the eternal? I need to pose another question to you. How do we know we are not really interacting with a demon? St. Paul does say “they can be seen as angels of light.” Our loved ones or those who we are assisting might be actually be long gone on their journey with the assistance from those on the other side. Who’s to say all of these individuals we are encountering with our mechanical devices are not evil entities? So, before we begin our ghost hunting adventure let us remember, belief in the other side constitues a trust that those on the other side know how to keep safe those who have crossed over. My point to writing this blog is to remind you to be safe. I care about each of you that delves into the paranormal, make sure that you are spiritually strong. Make sure nothing follows you home. And always, I mean always keep your guard up for even the demons can be seen as “angels of light”.
God Be With You.
Bro. Mark
Hermits of St. Giles

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