Tidbits Regarding Our Faith

We get our word “Inspired” from the Greek word εμπνεώ which means “breathed in”. God Himself guided the authors by the action of the Holy Spirit breathing His inspiration into the hand of the authors of Sacred Scripture. Although God is the principle author of Scripture, the human authors are also true authors because they acted as free, subordinate, intelligent instruments of the Holy Spirit guiding them.

Reading Sacred Scripture is in a way much like receiving the Holy Eucharist. In both cases the Word of God comes directly to us. “Number 103” in the Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us the Church has always venerated Sacred Scripture as she venerates the Lord’s Body.

2 Thessalonians ch. 2: v:15 reminds us to hold firm not only to Sacred Scripture but Sacred Tradition as well. Sacred Tradition has been passed down either by word of mouth or by the written word. “So brethern, stand firm and hold tight to the traditions taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter.” Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition form one source from which the Word of God comes to us.

“Infallible” means the Church cannot teach error in matters of faith. Christ Jesus intercedes for us through the power of the Holy Spirit. When we state that the Pope is “Infallible” we mean he can make no mistakes in matters of faith alone. This does not mean the Pope is sinless. Only Christ Jesus and our Blessed Mother are sinless. This is why we call our Blessed Mother the Immaculate Conception. She was born without Original Sin. Christ Jesus came to us in a pure vessel and this vessel was Mary of Nazareth. The Holy Spirit overshadowed our blessed Mother. This was one of the greatest miracles given to the human family. Christ Jesus “tabernacled” among us. Tabernacle is a greek word which means “pitched His tent” among us. So whenever you walk into a Catholic Church you will always see the Tabernacle as the major focal point. We then are reminded that Christ Jesus has “pitched His tent” among us, His children. Pretty nifty, ehh!

O Lord, Say to My Soul…….

image (“O Lord, say to my soul “I am your salvation.” Psalm 35)
Each of us, my sisters, my brothers long to hear these comforting words from God, especially with the many trials we face. Christ Jesus reaffirms us in (John ch.15 v.16) when He says, “It is not you who have chosen Me, it is I who have chosen you.” It is our wonderous God who first reaches out to us and seeks to enter into relationship with us. Remember though, our world can be filled with many distractions and we can easily forget about this relationship. Think about this for just a minute. How do the many distractions keep you from your relationship with God. This one sentence in this Psalm says so much. It says that God speaks to us. It says that in our soul, the very depth of our being, this is what we are looking for, union with God. In the midst of all the distractions, what our soul is looking for is the reassurance that God indeed does love us. That God never forgets us and that each of us is truly His little one. It is hard to hear the words we long for when we are in the middle of all the distractions that surround us. What we need to do is break free from the distractions and take time for quiet moments. To rest in the arms of God and commune with the Creator of the universe. We often say to ourselves that we are not worthy, why would this God, the Creator of the universe, want to spend time with little ol’me? He assures us in Scripture however, that “not a hair from our head falls without Him knowing about it.” This shows us that God is intimately involved with us. One question remains with us though, are we longing to be intimately involved with Him as much as He wants to be intimately involved with us? How important you are to God. With eight billion people in this world of ours God created you. Contemplate this wonder. God designed this universe, this planet and within this planet He created you to do what you do best whatever that is. This means you have a special vocation, a specific purpose to assist Him sustain this creation. Others need you. You and I may not hear it but they do. If you ever helped anyone then you probably experienced that feeling you get in your heart after you did so. Even if that person didn’t thank you for the help your heart still experiences a warmth that comes from a higher source. We all long to be noticed, to be wanted. We look every where to fill this void within our heart, but this void can really be filled by God alone. We long to be reminded that we have meaning. That we have purpose. That out of the eight billion people in this world of ours we remain special to the God of this universe.
I hope this blog brings a little inspiration to you as the meaning of your life unfolds before you.
Peace and Goodness,
Bro. Mark
Hermits of St. Giles