Contemplating The Paranormal

Greetings to You,
I am sorry for not writing sooner. I have been somewhat in a slump these last couple of months. I have not been inspired to do much of anything productive . I wait for that spark to enter into my heart which enables me to write and without this spark nothing comes and it leaves me frustrated.
Anyway, I am a true believer in the “paranormal”. I often hear that many do not believe in ghosts or the spirit world. I can’t understand why not. Especially us Christians who do believe in an after life. I don’t believe all spirits just go to Heaven or hell when we pass. I believe in a Purgatory, a place where the individual needs more purification before entering into eternal glory. If this is the case, why can’t spirits experience their purgatory here on earth and if they are why can’t we get in touch with them with so much new technology out there. Well, I believe we can document that there is some kind of spiritual existence here on earth. It seems to be behind a veil we can’t see. I understand This has been a hotspot of controversy and inquiry for many many years. So what does “paranormal” mean anyway? Well, basically it means, anything outside of normal. This can become confusing to us because normal is so varied among each of us. What is normal to another might not be normal to me or you. Often it is difficult to understand what is outside of our reality let alone try to explain it. We are afraid we will be ridiculed or shunned by others if we admit we buy into the notion and realm of the “spirit world”. However even St. Paul in his letter to the Colossians ch.1 v12-20 writes, “In Him everything in Heaven and on earth was created, things visible and invisible.” So, what is it that is “invisible”? The Scriptures say we are not fighting against man but against “the principalities and powers of this world.” If everyone on earth embraced this understanding we would no longer fight each other, but fight that which is beyond us. With the creation of so much new technology, paranormal investigators have been more successful with the ability to record and document paranormal events and experiences. Of course, many of these experiences are on a personal level and cannot be verified they still can be believed. What can we say about truly documented evidence however? Especially when evidence comes in from all around the world. Remember when Peter and the others were in the boat when a storm came in and Jesus came to them walking on the water. When He got to the boat they said to Him,”We thought You were a ghost”? Even then, people believed in ghosts and a spiritual realm. Spirit is in all things. Spirit is the breath of God that sustains all life. If this is truth then our spirit is alive in Him. If we embrace the fact we are seeking Eternal Life our spirit, our soul then is eternal. With this in mind, spirits (ghosts) who die troubled or with unfinished business could possibly remain on earth. Scientists do admit there are different levels or veils to reality. With this said is it not possible for a spirit to move in and out from these veils? Think on it pray about it see what God reveals to you. I would love to hear what you believe regarding the paranormal. Until next time, have a beautiful and most blessed New Year.
Love and Prayer,
Hermits of St. Giles

2 thoughts on “Contemplating The Paranormal

  1. Great just found your writings. I forgot to scroll down. I need some alone time to really appreciate them. My family is calling me downstairs at the moment. Can’t wait to read.
    Love,, your sissy!


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