Hand In Hand, Along the Way

It has been a few days hasn’t it?  Since I last scribbled something down while remaining scratching my head in wonder at God’s infinite wisdom and tender love.  I have a painting of our Blessed Mother that a dear friend of mine gave to me many years ago hanging on my wall next to my bed.  Each time I get out of bed for an excrushiating journey to my bathroom or book cabinet I lean over and kiss our Mom on the cheek and ask Her to pray for us all.  As I am making my way closer to my destination I reach up and kiss the feet of a Crucifix I have hanging on the wall across from where our Blessed Mother is and I pray, “Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, have mercy on us sinners”.  This, the Jesus prayer from the Orthodox monastics.  If you have never read, The Way of a Pilgrim, might I suggest it to you.  It is an incredible spiritual read in utter simplicity.  So, my dear one, how have you been since I last posted a note to you?  Continuing the journey to our Heavenly destination, I hope.  I know about the last couple of times you said to yourself, “O, what’s the use.  It seems like the world is having fun, fixing up their houses after watching Home & Garden Network or the wonderful surfing expeditions we tag along on Fuel TV.  They all are so happy and at peace.  Content with drinking in they’re new found minutes of fleeting fame.  Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for them and yes a bit jeolous as well.  But, I’m truly at peace and my soul truly does rest at the foot of the Cross.  I”m learning how to let go.  Remember the movie, The Mission, with Robert DeNiro?  When he carried the sack of armor as far as he could up the mountain. Incredible scene… These last couple of years I have experienced this transition and transformation.  And I can honestly say to you, “This is all God’s doing.  All I have literally done is said yes to Him”.
Well, my dear one, let us continue our journey together, holding each other’s hand, as we go through it’s perils and bumps along the way. We shall hold each other up until we meet again.
Your little brother in Christ,
Mark Dextraze
Hermits of St. Giles

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