In The Midst of Isolation

To all the home bound throughout our beautiful world. Greetings! For whatever reason we are held home bound stay strong in mind and spirit. There are plenty of temptations and voices in our head that surely want to bring us down, but hold the hand of Christ Jesus when or if these temps start to come your way. It is a difficult challenge to be home bound especially if you are a social person like me. We have a great deal of isolation . Those who we thought were friends kinda disappear on us and we are left alone a lot. Funny thing is, we are not alone. For we always have our Guardian Angel with us. Get to know them. Give them a name. We have the Holy Spirit breathing within us. We can call upon the Saints and our Blessed Mother. We can call upon our loved ones who have passed. If you don’t believe me ask them yourself to reveal themselves to you. You will be surprised and can’t help but smile from the results. Hang in there during this season of Lent. Continue to love. You will find yourself strengthened to endure all your crosses. Have a most blessed week.
Your brother in Christ,
Hermits of St. Giles

About hermitsoftheholycross

The Hermits of the Holy Cross is a Contemplative Association for those who are permanently physically disabled and have become “home bound” to their local Church and are in need of continuous medical care. The Association of the Hermits of the Holy Cross is set-up in such a way that those who are ill and physically disabled can live out their monastic spirituality from their own home. We assist the Church and the world through our life of prayer and freely offering up our sufferings that stem from our disabilities. For the Hermits, our hermitage is within our heart and the Cross of Christ is life for us and for our world.
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