Trying to get closer to God for the Home Bound

I know it is difficult to get out of the house because of your medical condition. But your heart and mind may desire to be with Jesus at Mass but can’t. Even though you are home bound you still belong to the family of God and God still wants to be with you. Since we cannot get out of the house try watching the Mass on TV or the Internet if you haven’t already. It is exciting to know we can still be with Jesus in a spiritual way. If you think it is a corny idea, I understand. But, it doesn’t mean you won’t still receive a spiritual communion because God’s grace flows everywhere. Please take this to heart. You can contemplate God within you as if you truly communicated with Him. This is the spiritual communion the Church speaks of. Your desire flames the fire of love that God is looking for. God will indeed move closer and closer to you when you also open your heart to Him. Be patient with yourself and you will begin seeing a different level of peace and joy in your being. Have a most blessed Christmas.
Your little brother,
Mark D.
Hermits of St. Giles

One thought on “Trying to get closer to God for the Home Bound

  1. And if you are feeling really down and scared or have a problem that won’t let you sleep or some pain here is a website for you to listen to the Holy Rosary prayed out loud over and over again for 24/7 hours a day. It shows how many others are listening and praying with you. I use it quite often when I can’t sleep. I usually fall asleep listening to it.


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