More About the Hermits Of St. Giles

The Association of the Hermits of St. Giles is set up in such a way that those who are physically disabled and are home bound because of it can live out their monastic spirituality from their own home. Members are registered with their local parish as home bound. This is to assure the member will be able to receive the Sacraments most especially the Holy Eucharist. This also shines a light on the rest of the Church family not to forget about those who are home bound.

We strive to live in the heart of the Church, intimately united with the Church in her saving mission. In this life of hidden prayer we strive to become contemplative missionaries consumed with a burning desire for the sanctification and salvation of the world. We offer our daily sufferings to our Blessed Mother so that our gift will most assuredly reach the most Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Hermits of St. Giles have had a desire to become a monk or a sister and enter a religious community. However, due to our need for contionous medical assistance we cannot obtain our dream. Therefore, we remain in our own home or medical facility as we assist the Church. So my dear sisters and brothers, Hermits of St. Giles are in the service of Christ Jesus and His Church through our daily offering of our sufferings and our life of contemplative prayer.

Please pray for us

One thought on “More About the Hermits Of St. Giles

  1. Dear Mark,,
    Will you please send me information about th Hermits of St. Giles via POSTAL MAIL
    Thank you
    william O Connor
    1605 Grass Valley Hwy. Spc 57
    Auburn Ca. 95603-2862


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