Unifying the Self

Hi Everyone,
I hope you all have been doing well. I have been thinking a great deal lately about how we compartmentalize our lives and act at times that each compartment does not effect the other. This struggle that we all face is the danger of letting our lives be divided into compartments each having a seperate place in our lives, but none of them connected. As contemplatives, the first thing to do is to recover our basic natural unity. Our compartmentalized being into a coordinated and simple whole and learn to live as a unified human person. Have a most blessed week.
Your brother in Christ Jesus,
Hermits of St. Giles

Living With Pain

The Institute of Medicine report titled, “Relieving Pain in America”, was commissioned by the Department of Health and Human Services as part of a 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It found that chronic pain affects an estimated 116 million Americans and costs the nation somewhere between 560 to 635 billion dollars each year. Pain is found to be the number one driving force for visits to a physician, for taking medication, disability, and is the key factor in quality of life and productivity. Thus giving pain management a national priority.
People live every hour under a cloud of unrelenting pain. It changes lives. Others cannot see our pain. Others know I hurt, but cannot comprehend how difficult it is. You and I cannot transfer our pain to another so they cannot understand the feeling. Thus alot of pain tends to be invisible to others. People can feel isolated in a pain that others don’t see or comprehend. Where can we take our pain? How can we learn to establish down to earth ways to handle pain. Those who suffer with daily pain can feel unloved, unheard, and at times feel rejected. Society is more concerned with helping others “get over pain” and less concerned with helping others live boldly in relentless pain. There is so much to ponder when it comes to pain and pain management. I hope this little blog helps to shed some light on this national priority. Have a most blessed week.
Love and prayers to you,
Hermits of St. Giles