Some Suffer More Than Others, But Why?

Trying to praise, glorify, thank and honor God while feeling sick and lying in bed most of the day can be a very real challenge. It’s more comfortable to do these things when life is more pleasant and health more robust. I’m 48 years old and I still have not figured out why God chooses certain individuals to suffer more than the average Joe or Judy. Many try to make me feel better by stating, “I’m a chosen vessel”, or “not everyone can handle what you handle”, “think of it as a gift.” These words of affection and inspiration are welcome, but like a blow-up raft with a small hole in it, they get me only so far. And then, I’m in need of more air in my raft. What truly has sustained me is prayer and learning how to commune with God. Taking one day at a time. The strength, the might, and the wisdom is there for me entering into my heart, into my being to carry on and battle away with joy and hope that it’s all worth it.
Have a blessed week
Love and prayers to you,
Hermits of St. Giles

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